Tuesday, April 20, 2004


One week at village so far, by bike it took almost 3 hrs to get into town (and we are not talking paved roads here). The Post Office doesn't have any Po Boxs so no new address yet, will figure something out - miss you all!!!

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Monday, April 5, 2004

Quick notes

Hello from Lusaka, at all volunteer conference - real volunteer now! Move into hut this week. Doing well, miss everyone. Great birthday. The group surprised me by gathering outside my door and singing happy birthday and they got me a piece of cake (real luxury here), 3 Super Maheus (a drink made of corn meal that I love) and 2, yes 2 bottles of real Scotch Whiskey, and Laney gave me a straw hat and Justin bought me a t-shirt at the conference today! Gotta go, time's almost up!

Mom - got book package, did not get one listed in birthday card (thanks for the wonderful card) - won't get for few months as will have to be forwarded through Peace Corps - still don't have new add yet - will be a PO Box in Monze w/ Tim.

Love you and miss you all,

Sisters - thanks for the wonderful comments on my last entry :)

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