Sunday, June 4, 2006

We all do strange things

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Schultz Lingo

As anyone who has visited our house knows, sometimes there's some odd words and phrases floating around - other than vampire. We've had quite a few recent additions.

cameraing - cinematography "the other version has good cameraing in this scene" - Wendy

done bananas - not ripe bananas, "Daddy, these bananas aren't done" - Katrina

locked bananas - not ripe bananas that are very difficult to open, "Daddy, the bananas you bought still aren't done and they're locked so I couldn't eat breakfast!" - me

broomed - swept, "this floor needs to be broomed" - Daddy

genetic teddy grams - knock-off bear shaped gram cookies,"what's with the genetic teddy grams?" - Katrina

journal as a verb - write in a journal or diary, "do you journal?" - Katrina and her friends

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