Thursday, April 20, 2006

Home is where Daddy comments on Everything

Daddy: What shoes are you wearing that you're clip-clopping down the stairs like that?

Me: These (black "barbie shoes" with cute silver buckles on the strap and 3 1/2" heels)

Daddy: Where are you going?

Me: In the kitchen to set the table.

Daddy: No, why are you wearing heels in the house?

Me: Because they match.

Maybe, just maybe, I should have listened to him later about those shoes. I went for a short walk with Mommy and by the time I came home, my feet were dripping blood. Oh well, nothing a few (um 5 or 6) band-aids couldn't fix!

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Home Sweet Home

You know you're in WI when the law school dinner beverages on offer are iced tea and milk! It's good to be home.

Besides trying to remember to drive on the right side of the road, I've also had to try on lots of clothes. Turns out most for my pants and skirts fit, even ones that used to be too small, but now my blouses are a bit too small. Good problem to have I guess. I found I have a lot of fun clothes in my closet! :) I was all excited and then I remembered that I'm 25. Then I thought, "So what. I'm me; if I want to wear a super cute miniskirt from high school - why not?" We'll see if I ever get the guts to do it - right now, knee length still seems super short.

Wendy is home for a bit too! We had a great night - my god father's 50th b-day party. On the way back we all sang along to "'C' is for Cookie", TWICE!!! and our family theme song, "White Rabbit". And by all, I mean ALL: Mommy, Daddy, Wendy, Katrina and maybe even Noki at some small parts of "'C' is for Cookie". Ah, family - I love them :)

And now Wendy and I are talking on aim together, 5 ft away from each other - hee hee

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