Monday, January 23, 2006

"make sure your face clears up before you come home"

...that was the last thing Mindela said to me after I walked him to the gate of the Ndeke hotel in Lusaka. He means well; he meant to stop stressing out - but really sometimes men are so good at inserting their feet in their mouths. Gotta love 'em anyway...

Just wanted to put a quick note since things have been so busy - I've barely had any time to write or any money for stamps.

I leave my village for good in less than 2 months! Crazy! Can't believe I'll be back so soon. Have to figure out where I'll be headed next. Mindela told me there's a lot of mail waiting for me at his place - read some of the return addresses. The school I wanted most is a small envelop - I was super sad; small envelopes are never good news. I explained that to him and his response to cheer me up was, "but there's still Harvard"! He was being serious but at least he made me laugh.

I miss everyone!

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