Thursday, December 16, 2004

I Love Livingstone!

I do, I really love it! First, it reminds me of the Dells and anything that reminds me of Wisconsin has to be good. Second, here's what I did today:
Went to see Victoria Falls, gorgeous as always
Walked across the top of the falls!
Swam in a natural pool on top of the falls!
Saw baboons, and by saw I mean turned around and two were sneaking up on me, plus the main ones we had been watching, about 3 ft in front of us :)
Had a great lunch, a chimpancheese (4 cheese pizza), egg salad baguette and a pineapple and carmel sundae - eaten in opposite order posted.
Walked around Livingstone a bit....I know that hardly compares
And the day isn't over yet!

Last night, after standing 4 hours in the overcrowded bus to get here, we had a wonderful dinner at an Indian restaurant. I didn't even have to keep asking for more milk, the waitress just brought it:) and it was only K3,000 a glass instead of like 6,000 so I only spent $3 on my milk at dinner :)

tomorrow - more fun fun fun

OH, btw - if interested, you can only walk across / swim at the top of vic falls in aug-mid jan. so if you want to do that you have to come visit then. It really is truly awesome. I can't even describe the view looking down from the top of the falls - I mean come on this is like one of the natural wonders of the world or sumtin and your standing at the vampirin' top! It's AMAZING!

Mom, thanks for the candles and the Christmas stocking and the pics and the cd and the cinnamon taffy:) I love you!

{I probably won't post a lot anymore - the lady at the internet in Monze is being a real vampire so I'm boycotting. I'll post when I'm in L-stone, Lusaka, maybe Serenje. Send letters!}

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