Friday, August 19, 2005


In Lusaka after a trip to Mansa (met Lawrence's Mom and Grandma, etc.) - Luapula province is so GREEN and there's WATER!!!! It was really neat. And I found out I like cassava. On the way back yesterday, just between Mansa and Kapri-Mposhi, we passed 3 accidents. I was one of very few people that did not get up to look at them - but the 2 tipped over trucks and the 1st accident were on my side of the bus. The last one was a mini bus accident and Mindela told me about some guy who they were moving into a new mini bus whose head was crushed and bleeding. "Was he alive?" "I think maybe not" nice convo! And today's paper showed another accident from yesterday, just outside Lusaka. Caption read: firefighters removing the body of a baby... and it showed another body lying next to the wreckage.

All this just a week or so after I saw an upside-down mini bus in Lusaka. People were pounding on the windows trying to get out - one of the scariest things I've EVER seen. Someone managed to break one and they managed to pull the people out the back window. I tried to calm people down but no one seemed to speak English or Tonga and then this old lady came up to me holding her head with blood dripping down her arm - she moved her hand, her scalp was peeled back. I gave her my handkerchief and tried to tell her to just hold it down to try to stop the bleeding. And all I could think about was "no plastic, there's no plastic!" (cuz of all the blood everywhere). I called an ambulance and left, nothing more I could do.
...And now Mindela wonders why I don't want to get on mini buses even if they are 1/10th the cost of a taxi!

(We did a safety survey at IST and only 30% of the volunteers there feel safe on transport - #1 concern)

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Hey from Kitwe

So AOL redesigned (at least on this computer) and I can't even FIND my e-mail. Oh well. Things have been going really well...except some people (eh-hem) don't write letters....

We're at IST and this is free so, what they hey - from Emmie's journal:

My iTunes: I don't have i-tunes so this is just what i can get from the pod itself
How many total songs? 8999 but some are recordings and some i need to get rid of cuz i HATE
First: "'S Wonderful' Ella Fitzgerald
Last: The last ones are actually all blank cuz they're in Hebrew and that doesn't show up on the pod but before that is "Zuriky" by K'antu

Sort by Time
can't do that on the pod but i'm sure the shortest and longest are recordings from zambia

Sort by Album
First: Martini Lounge - Esquivel
Last: That Hebrew album is last, Zoorpa, U2 just before that

Sort by Artist
First: Tearin' Up My Heart - Nsync
last: besides that Hebrew one... She's Not There - The Zombies

Ten Most Played Songs the pod gives 25 and doesn't rank them, sorry
1. "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" The Darkness
2. "Ladies of the Road" King Crimson
3. "The Next Episode" Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg
4. "Evil Deeds" Eminem
5. "Makin' Good Love" Avant
6. "Hey Ya!" Outkast
7. "Gone" 'Nsync
8. "Roses" Outkast
9. "Ass Like That" Eminem
10. "Em Calls Paul (skit)" Eminem
11. "Here for the Party" Gretchen Wilson
12. "'C' is for Cookie" Cookie Monster
13. "Like Toy Soilders" Eminem
14. "Loverman" Metallica
15. "Pass the Courvoiseier Part II" Busta Rhymes and P. Diddy
16. "Barnabas Theme from Dark Shadows" Dark Shadows
17. "Milk Shake" Kelis
18. "Ching'ande" Angela Nyirenda
19. "Yakumbuyo" Danny
20. "The Voice Within" Christina Aguilera
21. "Business" Eminem
22. "Venus" Air
23. "Dracula's Wedding" Outkast, feat. Kelis
24. "karmaboc" maki
25. "Smoking Cigarettes" Tweet

10 Recently Played this is not extact
1. "Siku Yalelo" Exile
2. "First Lady" Mr. Nice
3. "Ching'ande" Angela Nyirenda
4. "House Money Car" Nalu
5. "Candy Shop" 50 Cent
6. "With You Part 2" C.R.I.$.I.$.
7. "Bakafwaka" Danny
8. "Awesome God" Michael W. Smith
9. "Curtians" Aphex Twin
10. "Beta TV" Danny

Find "sex." How many songs show up? can't
Find "death." How many songs show up? can't
Find "love." How many songs show up? can't

Maybe I should redo this sometime when I'm in Monze and have i-tunes.... besides, most of you have no idea what these songs are anyway!

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