Sunday, March 27, 2005

For Mommy and Katie

I totally just wrote out this long-vampire e-mail and it didn't send, just disappeared....grrr
I'll try to get everything in here.
Itinerary - you have it pretty good, I'll continue working out details w/ Kandyatas, etc.
Thank you for adjusting Holiday Inn res
There are 2 talking Dipsys - not the one that talks to Katrina's LaLa. They're prob wherever you put Bandana and all them.
Ariel is totally syked about the prospect of cheese (me too! me too!)
Bring your camcorder and camera.
DO NOT bring a mosquito net - I have one over my bed and we can pick one up here for $5 (or$10) whcih I beleive is cheaper than the US.
Bring: swimsuits, bug spray, suntan lotion.
I usually limit my bad habits to partys and Peace Corps get-togethers. ...cloves yummy....Cubans yummy... I'll be grateful and happy even if you only bring yourselves.

i feel like I'm forgetting soemthing - I'll try to e-mail again mid-April

Happy Birthday Daddy!!! (a bit early)

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What a fun Easter weekend.

Last night Ariel and I went to the most amazing concert: K'million, Exile, TY2, TK, the Sakala Brothers and Angela!!!!! Ok, ok, so that prob doesn't mean much to you but they are some of the biggest stars in Zambian music. For you guys it'd be like seeing the Dead, the Doors, Led Zepplin, the Beatles, etc. together!

This morning we went to church - found a nice Presbyterian church here in L-Stone. I think it was mis-labeled - was more like Pentecostal. We left after 3 hours, couldn't handle anymore.

I got to eat Easter Peeps! (ok, 1, I shared) and we had an Easter beer hunt, there were no eggs - I won a really odd shirt and gave it to Ariel - she found the bottle looking where I suggested but she isn't staying here - group effort.


Here's some places to check out the musicians: check out the music tab

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