Monday, May 8, 2006

A Nice Dinner Out with the Schultzs

Waiting for dinner to arrive at the Colony Inn...

Katrina: (randomly starts singing) There was a moose

Me: (to the tune of "Our House" by Crosby Stills & Nash) A very very very fine moose, with 2 cats in the yard

Wendy: I have "Miss Mary Mack" stuck in my head. (to that tune): There was a moose, moose, moose, all dressed in

Katrina: Blue

Mommy: (to the tune of "Blue Moom") Blue Moose, I saw you standing alone...

Me: Blue moose?

Wendy: Wait! There was a moose moose moose, dressed like a goose goose goose with silver buttons buttons buttons down it's caboose boose boose

Wendy's friend in Nebraska said she's never been so amused by meeting someone else's family. You can call us lots of things, but boring is not one of them!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Getting to Nebraska

Mommy, Daddy and Noki left by car for Nebraska on Monday. Katrina and I are to fly out Friday. Mommy told me the flight info was on the fridge.

Conversation between me and Katrina Monday night:

Me: There's no flight info on the fridge and we only have one broom, so I don't know how we're getting to Nebraska.

Katrina: We have a vacuum

M: You want the broom or the vacuum?

K: Vacuum?

M: Which one, the Kirby?

K: Yeah.

M: Ok, I'll call Mom to tell her the Kirby might fall out of the sky.

Luckily, the flight information was on the kitchen table...

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