Friday, October 29, 2004

Been awhile

So the internet's been down for a bit - here's a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to write:

Here people tend to have two names, one "English" and one "Tonga". I thought Chipo only had that name but I just found out he has another, though I have no idea how this is Tonga. You'll have to know our family really well to understand why, but this is absolutely hilarious!!!! His Tonga name is: Barnabas!

I can def. tell I've gained weight - but I think I look better. Is that strange? ...maybe it has something to do with the fact that there are no mirrors ;)

Last week or so Ba Feya called me something I have never been called before. "Kwenya" Now of course I've never been called that before it's Tonga, right? except that in English it means "normal". Should I be offended?

Last bike trip to town I passed a guy riding with a coffin strapped to the back of his bike. If that wasn't strange enough, it was painted bright purple.

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Friday, October 8, 2004

A Bet

I forgot this story, somehow, from the party night in Kalomo.

Shane keeps insisting that I'm a lot taller than I am. A LOT of people do actually. But I always tell them, 'no, no, I'm five nine and three quarters.'
Shane didn't believe me and bet me 10 pin that I'm closer to 5'11 than 5'9.75". We marked me on the wall in the Kalomo house and measured it - exactly 5'9.75"! I win :) And now everybody's on the wall.

My dad is silly - "ice down your knee".... oh sure, let me just open up my freezer...oh wait, I don't have one, guess I'll have to walk down the hall to the ice machine - oh, I don't even have a HALL!

Mom, I sent you a letter today and I got the last package - woo hoo :)

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Monday, October 4, 2004

And we're back...

Our last night in Lusaka - we went out to the Irish pub. It was one of the bestest nights ever - I had 4 glasses of milk, garlic cheese bread, yummy soup - and then we went next door to get ice cream. I get my ice cream cone, dipped in carmel coating. I'm standing there holding my delicious yummy scrumptious rare treat, I turn around and EMINEM IS ON THE TV! It was so wonderful. I just stood there staring, didn't even touch my ice cream - trying not to drool. What a night!

We didn't stay in Monze the next night, made it all the way to Kalomo. Stopped at the Choma sports bar and played darts - I kicked vampire. Still lost some but I played well. We got into Kalomo pretty late and then had a fun few days.

We went impala hunting - Shane shot one right in the head! Saw lots of animals on the game ranch, impala, eland, zebra, waterbuck, etc, even ostrich! I decorated the bar in the house like my old walls in the dorm with magazine pics and everyone liked it :) And we hung Tim's friend's pic on the wall (Josie Maran) from a mag too.

The next day we had the first ever Southern Provincial meeting - really long. That night we had a BBQ with eland, impala, maybe even zebra - I don't know, didn't eat it. Great party that night - the whole Southern Province crew, Shane, Mateyo (now I've learned to spell it), Chris from Eastern Prov and a bunch of white farmers from the area. Everyone else got pretty drunk (other than Ariel, who's mormon). I had 2ltrs of milk :) I danced all night - until the old Indian guy tried to grab me and the farmer that took us hunting - Chesney - made some rude comments. But it was a fun time.

Next day it was off to L-Stone. Loads of fun. Hung out at the backpackers, played pool. Sunday we went white-water rafting. Shane, Josh, Amanda, Cathy, her bf Mark, myself and 2 German women from Koln were in one raft. We flipped twice - great time! Tim, Aiyisha, Ariel, Heather, Mateyo, Chris, Heather's friend Bryan and some other random ppl were in another raft. They flipped 3 times. Heather and Aiyisha and Mateyo sd they never want to do it again - wussies ;)

Today - back in Monze - tomorrow it's back home to Cheelo. I miss my Zam-Fam. It was a great couple of weeks - but I'll be glad to be back.

Hope everyone's well :)

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