Sunday, June 4, 2006

We all do strange things

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Schultz Lingo

As anyone who has visited our house knows, sometimes there's some odd words and phrases floating around - other than vampire. We've had quite a few recent additions.

cameraing - cinematography "the other version has good cameraing in this scene" - Wendy

done bananas - not ripe bananas, "Daddy, these bananas aren't done" - Katrina

locked bananas - not ripe bananas that are very difficult to open, "Daddy, the bananas you bought still aren't done and they're locked so I couldn't eat breakfast!" - me

broomed - swept, "this floor needs to be broomed" - Daddy

genetic teddy grams - knock-off bear shaped gram cookies,"what's with the genetic teddy grams?" - Katrina

journal as a verb - write in a journal or diary, "do you journal?" - Katrina and her friends

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Monday, May 8, 2006

A Nice Dinner Out with the Schultzs

Waiting for dinner to arrive at the Colony Inn...

Katrina: (randomly starts singing) There was a moose

Me: (to the tune of "Our House" by Crosby Stills & Nash) A very very very fine moose, with 2 cats in the yard

Wendy: I have "Miss Mary Mack" stuck in my head. (to that tune): There was a moose, moose, moose, all dressed in

Katrina: Blue

Mommy: (to the tune of "Blue Moom") Blue Moose, I saw you standing alone...

Me: Blue moose?

Wendy: Wait! There was a moose moose moose, dressed like a goose goose goose with silver buttons buttons buttons down it's caboose boose boose

Wendy's friend in Nebraska said she's never been so amused by meeting someone else's family. You can call us lots of things, but boring is not one of them!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Getting to Nebraska

Mommy, Daddy and Noki left by car for Nebraska on Monday. Katrina and I are to fly out Friday. Mommy told me the flight info was on the fridge.

Conversation between me and Katrina Monday night:

Me: There's no flight info on the fridge and we only have one broom, so I don't know how we're getting to Nebraska.

Katrina: We have a vacuum

M: You want the broom or the vacuum?

K: Vacuum?

M: Which one, the Kirby?

K: Yeah.

M: Ok, I'll call Mom to tell her the Kirby might fall out of the sky.

Luckily, the flight information was on the kitchen table...

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Home is where Daddy comments on Everything

Daddy: What shoes are you wearing that you're clip-clopping down the stairs like that?

Me: These (black "barbie shoes" with cute silver buckles on the strap and 3 1/2" heels)

Daddy: Where are you going?

Me: In the kitchen to set the table.

Daddy: No, why are you wearing heels in the house?

Me: Because they match.

Maybe, just maybe, I should have listened to him later about those shoes. I went for a short walk with Mommy and by the time I came home, my feet were dripping blood. Oh well, nothing a few (um 5 or 6) band-aids couldn't fix!

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Home Sweet Home

You know you're in WI when the law school dinner beverages on offer are iced tea and milk! It's good to be home.

Besides trying to remember to drive on the right side of the road, I've also had to try on lots of clothes. Turns out most for my pants and skirts fit, even ones that used to be too small, but now my blouses are a bit too small. Good problem to have I guess. I found I have a lot of fun clothes in my closet! :) I was all excited and then I remembered that I'm 25. Then I thought, "So what. I'm me; if I want to wear a super cute miniskirt from high school - why not?" We'll see if I ever get the guts to do it - right now, knee length still seems super short.

Wendy is home for a bit too! We had a great night - my god father's 50th b-day party. On the way back we all sang along to "'C' is for Cookie", TWICE!!! and our family theme song, "White Rabbit". And by all, I mean ALL: Mommy, Daddy, Wendy, Katrina and maybe even Noki at some small parts of "'C' is for Cookie". Ah, family - I love them :)

And now Wendy and I are talking on aim together, 5 ft away from each other - hee hee

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

All Day I Dream About Food!

Well my flights are booked! (mostly)
So of course I have my dream first meal picked out (paying attention Mommy?):
Tomato soup w/ Parmesan cheese on top and
A grilled cheese sandwich and
Cottage cheese and
Yogurt and
At least 5 glasses of milk and
An ice cream sundae for desert

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Sunday, March 5, 2006


In case the comments on the other weren't seen ;)

Cardozo :)
Emory :)
Vanderbilt :)
Madison :)
Michigan :/ (waitlist)
#6 ?
#7 ?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wasn't bad news

So the small envelope was just a letter letting me know the application is complete. Whew!...
An update on what I know so far:

I move out of my village one month from today. Not sure when I'll be home, but think April.
Everyone with intentions of 'always meaning to write', don't, it probably won't get to me before I leave. Of course, you could send it to my Mommy's house, but then, you could call me there, too.....
Anyone up for Leon's?

School answers:
Caradozo :)
Emory :)
#3 ?
#4 ?
#5 ?
#6 ?
#7 ?

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Monday, January 23, 2006

"make sure your face clears up before you come home"

...that was the last thing Mindela said to me after I walked him to the gate of the Ndeke hotel in Lusaka. He means well; he meant to stop stressing out - but really sometimes men are so good at inserting their feet in their mouths. Gotta love 'em anyway...

Just wanted to put a quick note since things have been so busy - I've barely had any time to write or any money for stamps.

I leave my village for good in less than 2 months! Crazy! Can't believe I'll be back so soon. Have to figure out where I'll be headed next. Mindela told me there's a lot of mail waiting for me at his place - read some of the return addresses. The school I wanted most is a small envelop - I was super sad; small envelopes are never good news. I explained that to him and his response to cheer me up was, "but there's still Harvard"! He was being serious but at least he made me laugh.

I miss everyone!

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