Friday, September 12, 2014

Adventures with Ivory and Munchkinhead: German Fest

One of the best parts about Milwaukee is the weekend ethnic festivals down at the lakefront.  Back in June, Munchkinhead and I headed down to check out Polish Fest.  In July, we headed to German Fest.

German Fest had lots of fun adventures.  We started in the culture tent where we learned about different German groups in the area, perused some fancy crafts and practiced our colors auf Deutsch with one of the local immersion schools.  We also entered a raffle which resulted in us being on the mailing lists for darn near every county in the state.

We went through the various shopping plaza areas.  Munchkinhead got some sort of adorable shirt.  For a moment, I wanted a drindl; then I saw the price tag.  I was also eyeing up a very non-German handkerchief dress, but decided not to get one.

There were a lot of patrons in lederhosen and drindls, which was pretty awesome.  The music was fabulous – lots of trombones in the various large bands on stage.  And all around, happy, smiling, rather large folks enjoying the best Milwaukee’s Germans have to offer.

Katrina eating her german food The best part of the summer ethnic festivals is always the food.  Mmmm… German food, so many options for a vegetarian.  Wait. What?  Well at least Munchkinhead found some super good eats and shared her sauerkraut wit mir.  I found my own deliciousness from the roasted nut haus.  Mmmm.

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Jeannie said...

I may be wrong, bought I thought it was 'dirndl'.. Maybe it's just the pronunciation?