Saturday, September 13, 2008


Some people look forward to Casual Fridays; some people look forward to First Fridays; but me, I look forward to Traditional Fridays.

Traditional Fridays are fun and colorful.  This is the day everyone (well, nearly everyone) in the office dons their "natives."  This is what Nigerians call the outfits that are more African than Western.  Really, with things like A-line skirts and collared shirts, the outfits aren't truly native or traditional, but the ensembles are very African, modern African.  And they're beautiful.

For the guys, the outfits are probably also easier to put on and more comfortable.  The men in the office trade their suit and ties for loose fitting elastic-waist pants and long loose shirts made out of the same lightweight material.  The female outfits can be better than usual, but it depends on how fitted the native is and how suit-like the regular daily wear is.

One of my favorite things to do on Fridays is stand at the end of the hall outside my office door, looking over the balcony railing.  Bright, brilliant colors flutter and flow, up and down the stairs, in and out of doors.  On every floor, vibrant materials parading around.  Humongous headdresses, flounces, ruffles, you name it, if it's big and bright, it's there.

And I like the nice break from my boring suits.sitting sideways cropped

traditional friday cropped Me on my first Traditional Friday (Zambian garb, which everyone recognized as not being West African)



And me this past Friday in my new natives, which everyone complemented me on, saying "ah, now you are Nigerian."


Anonymous said...

awww my always beautiful sister^>^

Wendy said...

The first picture looks like mommy when she was in college. The second picture looks like a person protraying seafoam in a stage version of The Little Mermaid.

goldenrail said...

Thanks ^>^ :)
and wendy, seafoam!? seafoam!? who says 'yes, I want to be seafoam?'

Mom-me said...

Daddy agrees with Wendy...except that you're older than I was then.

ezichi said...

My dear... You wear it well. The traditional attires and the hair is marvellous! I miss Naija hair braiding sha. My people can braid o! How is Nigeria treating you?

goldenrail said...

Ezichi: Thanks! Yes, they certainly can braid in Naija. And so much cheaper than the US! abi