Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ruffled Baby Blanket

I love when my friends have babies.  It’s such a good reason to knit!

Jessica's blanket (3) croppedA few months ago, one of my friends and former-colleagues out in Cali announced she was going to have a baby.  I wanted to make a blanket for the baby, but I knew it had to match my friend in some way.  She’s fun and quirky, yet very put together and always on-top of things.

I decided to go with cotton yarn so that it would be soft and easily washed.  And I decided to do stripes to give it a little flair.  Then I chose colors that reminded me of my friend, the types of colors I’d see her wear or around her home.  I went with a brown-olive-yellow mix and an orange-yellow-white mix and added ruffles for addition softness in the blanket.

The top and bottom ruffles were done by using larger knitting needles than the rest of the blanket.  the side ruffles were done with short rows.  The top ruffle isn’t very distinct as I used needles only 2 sizes larger than the main needles.  The bottom ruffle is a bit more pronounced because I used needles 4 sizes bigger.  However, I think I could have gone even bigger.

My friend loved the blanket, and that’s always the best part.

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