Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Cold Up Norf

Hiya folks.  One of my dear friends from law school is moving up Norf and she's scared.  Originally from TX, Nashville's pretty much as far north as she's ventured for a long period of time.  After graduation, she's moving to Detroit for a year and then to Chicago.  [She's absolutely brilliant: doing a Federal clerkship and then going to a big firm, on Law Review, TA's for legal writing, got published, you get the picture. ]

Chaz and I were giving this Miss SmartyParty Pants some pointers  but we couldn't cover everything.  [Chaz is from Connecticut.]  Help us out.

All my cold weather friends, and this includes you MR since you still remember, leave a bit of advice about dealing with Midwest winters for Miss SmartyParty Pants!  I'll get you started with some things Chaz and I told her already:

  • Don't bother washing your car in the winter, but do get it winterized before hand
  • Don't worry, you don't really have to go outside when it's cold - attached garage to parking garage
  • ... you're turn



P.S. for long time readers, Miss SmartyParty Pants is the one who hosts the fun BLSA game/movie nights.  Mommy, she bought Partini because it was such a hit when I brought it :)


MaryRuth said...

HA! I was re-introduced to cold weather last week--10 degrees!--and it was a great reminder why I no longer live in a cold place.
I'll keep this to just a few suggestions:
--if you absolutely have to drive in the snow, go slow and keep a lot of space between your car and others.
--keep a blanket, gloves and old boots in the trunk just in case you get stuck.
--icicles CAN kill you.
--the fall leaves are really beautiful.
--put aside some money each week; use it to take a trip to Hawaii in February
--resist the temptation to become a Bears or Lions fan and go with the Packers.

Here's a site we enjoy:

goldenrail said...

Thanks MR!
It's funny you mentioned to go slow in the snow. Both Chaz and I told her to go the speed of traffic no matter what, otherwise you'll get hit by the person who can't see you and doesn't expect you to be going slower than everyone else.

Alissa said...

*bundle up- it may look sunny and warm but that winter wind is a killer.
*keep a shovel in your trunk too, de-icer is also a good purchase
*find a pair of warm boots- never go outside without them

MaryRuth said...

GR--I guess you're right, go with the flow, but still keep lots of space.
The wags on the morning radio show I listen to advise when DUI or in the rain to go as fast as possible--that way you will be on the road less time and thus safer! YIKES! Thank goodness it's a comedy show.
When I first moved to CA and my WI friend and I would go skiing. Sometimes when it was snowing, tire chains would be required. We always thought we should be exempt from that rule since we were professional snow drivers!

goldenrail said...

Alissa: The boots = good advice that I never followed :)
MR: I totally agree you should have gotten a pass. I've actually had ppl here tell me they'd follow me in snow or do what I'm doing to clean my car off because of my WI license plates :) And you're right, the space is an absolute must!

Alissa said...

GR- yeah, I never followed the good boots advice until I moved to MA... now I very wearly don't wear them between November and March, my feet are warm and happy, and my shoes are much nicer looking without all the salt and grime on them!!!!

Wendy said...

Remember to not only clear off the snow from the windows of your car, but also from the hood, roof, and trunk. Don't want that snow blowing up onto the windshield making it hard to see, also don't want the snow blowing off your vehicle to blind the drivers behind you.
I have a friend originally from the Gulf Coast who credits me with teaching her how to drive in the snow even though all I did was give her some pointers.