Friday, January 16, 2009

The Welt-miser

I'm Mi-iss Welt-miser, I'm Mi-iss fun;
I'm Mi-iss Welt-miser, I'm Mi-iss... son of a gun, now I have to take that all out and do it again!

I spent all afternoon today making more welt pockets.  My first ever welt pockets with a flap!  They're not perfect, but welt pockets rarely are, and this was a new style for me.  

Since it has this little flap thingy, I couldn't use the nifty easy welt pockets Mary Ruth alerted me to.  :(   There's probably some way to adapt the flap into the easy welts, but in order to adapt a pattern, you have to understand it first, and I had no clue what was going on with these pieces.  It was one of those ah-so-that's-how-it-works! when it's finished type things.

I am getting a little better though.  I've learned to freycheck the little triangles after slashing.  Then the triangles don't unravel into nothing when you're trying to push the welt in between them after turning the pocket to the inside.

I think they turned out pretty ok.  (You can't tell, but this is the same fabric as the pants in the previous post.)


Flaps down...



Flaps up.

I was really confused when making the pockets by this little piece called "inside pocket".  I thought it meant "inside of the pocket" and couldn't really figure it out.  Nope.  It means inside pocket.  There's a little secret pocket on the inside of the big pocket.  Pretty neat, no idea what it's for.  Mr. Trizzle, would you like to keep your spare change here?


(It seems to be condom-size; maybe Vogue is trying to promote safe sex among professionals.)


Jeannie said...

Nice pockets, GR. I'm not sure what the inside pocket is for, but I don't think your guess is correct.

goldenrail said...

Why? Would the change fall out?

MaryRuth said...

dang...and I was feeling pretty proud of myself for making an apron....your project looks awesome! I can't wait to see the finished product.
I love the lining material too. Very nice.

goldenrail said...

Thanks MR. I did aprons with a friend once; they can be tricky.
I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product on Mr. Trizzle, sure hope it fits!
Munchkinhead and I looked for a nice lining material that would be fun but not too crazy (and cheap). Turns out Mommy actually had some of the exact same material in her sewing room closet.

jess said...

I am so jealous of your sewing ability. I am making a diaper bag for a friend.... and it's taken me FOREVER!

miss you

goldenrail said...

Well, I have to start getting quasi-good sometime, I've been practicing for over a decade! (Someday, when I have as much practice as Mommy, I'll be as good as her. :P)
It still took me an entire afternoon to make those two pockets.