Friday, August 7, 2009

Remixing the CC Staff

Yesterday, we gave our End of the Summer presentations at work.  I love playing with Power Point, so I had a lot of fun doing my presentation.  I prepared this picture for one of the slides and loved it so much I just have to share.  It cracks me up so bad that I kept laughing trying to create the presentation at my desk. …and any other time I see it.

See, just a few weeks ago, I started getting involved with one of the groups at work called ccLearn.  They just launched a new website for Open Ed. It’s pretty cool and has some neat resources for teachers, nudge nudge to half my readership ;)  Anyway, so here I am, jumping on the ccLearn bandwagon.image

All the headshots in the wagon are from the Creative Commons About pages on the website.  The whole website is cc-by.  (The two ppl sitting down in front are fellow interns and are on the Intern page, everyone else is staff.)  Me, I come compliments of Munchkinhead's Giant Twin’s Facebook page.  Although, I have no idea who actually took that picture because he’s in it.  Ah, the joys of Paint.

Incidentally, the new Paint on Windows 7 is way different than the Paint from Windows XP, Windows 3.0, Windows whatever back to the beginning of Windows.  Some stuff is neater, some stuff is not.  I’m finding it vampire-a hard to learn.  It actually works like real paint now, blending edges and stuff.  I want a nice clear, straight edged line!  This would be why my flying body above looks outlined in white.  This is not for effect, this is because of how the new Paint works.  Now, the sunshine outline in white, that was intentional; I did that.

Enjoy my bandwagon; I hope you laugh as hard as I do. :D

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