Monday, June 8, 2009

Boo, Feminists

Heels?  Check.
Seamed stockings? Check.
Vacuum Cleaner? No Check.

I think I was born half a century too late. 

This morning I was trying to get ready for my first day at my fellowship and nothing was going right.  My best undergarments (along with my dress clothes) are in a box that should have arrived from Seattle about a week ago.  The garter skirts I have at home weren’t working with my new suit skirt.  The one pair of full nylons I have had a new run in the foot, and we couldn’t get the clear nail polish open.  My body’s not cooperating; nothing fits right.  I was so frustrated.  And Mr. Trizzle’s gruffness showed me he sensed my frustration and didn’t approve, despite not understanding one bit of it.

Finally, I was dressed.  Hooray for hold-ups!  Took care of the ran nylons and garter skirt problem.  Skirt looks like it fits if I’m sitting down, so I guess I’ll just have to try to sit down as much as possible.

Anyway, here I am, already for the first day of my exciting new fellowship, dressed in a suit, heels on, make-up ready, and all I want to do is clean the living room and do the dishes.  I love suits, but I also love fluffy day dresses with circle skirts.  Heels and seamed stockings go very nicely with those, too.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all know I’m super excited about this fellowship (when I got the interview, I started jumping on the bed), but I was really enjoying my schedule from the last week or so.  “Bye, Mr. Trizzle.  Have a great day at work.  Here, don’t forget your lunch I just packed!”  Unpack, arrange, decorate, do some laundry, research a bit, a walk, some errands, repeat in various permutations.  “Hi Mr. Trizzle!  How was your day? “  Cook dinner, clean up, relax with Mr. Trizzle.  It was very nice.  Now it’s all those things plus being at work all day every day.  I just don’t know how I’m going to keep that house clean!


MaryRuth said...

LOL--it's not the feminists' fault that men don't step up to do their share of domestic duties!
As for myself, I am grateful for the opportunity to use my talents in the best way possible--which definitely isn't in the homekeeping area. Although, in my old age I am getting more into the nesting thing.

goldenrail said...

Mr. Trizzle does his part! He has his chores, and I have mine. But it's hard for both of us to do all our chores and work all the time. It's the feminists' fault I can't stay home and vacuum all day in a pretty dress.

Jeannie said...

Now you know why our house always looks like it does! I'd much rather be doing anything other than housework when I'm home!

goldenrail said...

First off Mommy, when I come home now your house is far too clean to feel comfortable in. Second off, it was just lived in.

Matthew said...

The feminists had little to do with it, as I recall. Blame economic shifts that meant a single income was no longer sufficient to sustain the preferred American lifestyle model.

goldenrail said...

The feminists caused that economic shift!
I say, with the downturn, each family should only be allowed to have one person work. They pick who. Then the incomes get better given out and families learn to live on one again. People don't really need 2 flat screen tvs and all that junk.
Oh, and day care - super expensive. Stay at home parent usually comes out ahead of day care.

MaryRuth said...

GR--with your brains, talent and determination I'd give you six months pushing a vacuum cleaner before you went nuts. ;-) Either that or you'd have a really super clean house.
Agreed that people nowadays have a desire for too much (mostly) unnecessary stuff....although I am still waiting for that flat screen to appear.

goldenrail said...

Well, I'd only vacuum for part of the day. I'd also sew, mow the grass, belong to a bowling league and probably be on some sort of civic organization or PTA or sumtin.