Friday, May 28, 2010

The Wait

I sat there, just staring at the computer screen, my four digit number-typed in, the arrow hovering over the submit button, waiting.  6pm Pacific Time, 6pm the results would be released, the results that would decide the next year of my life, the results to the California Bar Exam.  6pm.  It was after 6pm.

I was waiting, not for the clock to reach a certain hour, but for Mr. Trizzle to get off the phone.  For some strange reason, he decided that 5:45pm on Friday, the Friday, was a good time to start shopping for new auto insurance.  He’s haggling over $50 and I’m sitting there, just staring at that submit button.

Finally, I could click submit.  Text popped up on the screen.  Mr. Trizzle threw his arms around me and hugged me so hard I couldn’t read the screen.  Mr. Trizzle was clearly excited (he never voluntarily hugs me), but I had no idea what was going on because I couldn’t read the screen.  I forgot, if you don’t pass, nothing comes up.


Jeannie said...

I need a 'like' button :D

jess said...

congrats big!!!! :-D :-D

My crazy life said...

so exciting....congrats

munckinhead said...

this post makes its all the more exciting!!