Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pink with a Different Obsession

I feel like writing here, yet I have nothing particular to say today.  So, I shall dig into my photo archives, randomly retrieve an old photo, and tell you a story:


Pink, it’s Aerosmith’s favorite color.  It’s lots of people’s favorite color.  It makes Molly Ringwald feel pretty.  It makes lots of people feel pretty.  I like it.  It’s so fun and feminine and yet strong and empowering.  It’s like an old lady who’s lived a long enriching life and is comfortable with herself, proud of who she is.  She garners respect not with force, but with peace, with the calmness of having learned what’s really important.  Pink has none of the demanding-ness or insecure attention seeking of red.  No.  Pink is refined and beautiful, and timeless.

Ok, maybe not hot pink, but anyway…


Not everyone is such a fan of pink.  Some people are kind of ehh and indifferent about it.  Some people like it a bit but wouldn’t rave about it.  Some people would prefer not to wear it (quite a large number of men I would guess).  But then there’s Munchkinhead; she hates pink.  With a passion.

How badly is with a passion?  Well, if you’re wearing pink and you try to hug her, she’ll run screaming from the room.  Probably something to the effect of, “ewwwwwwwww!!!!! Get away from me!”

If you put one of the pink bowls at her spot on the dinner table, she snatch it up, somehow managing to make it bang into the table while doing so, stomp over to the cupboard, slam the pink bowl into the cupboard with as much racket as possible and return to the table with a non-pink bowl – likely a white bowl with a yellow duck on the bottom of it – loudly exclaiming the entire time that whoever set the table ought to know better than to give her a pink bowl.

If you put something pink on her bed, or worse, dress Gibby in pink, you’re probably going to have to fetch Daddy Bunny out of the laundry chute.

And if you try to dress her in pink… Well, let’s just say I hope you have good medical insurance.

As you can imagine, these sorts of reactions make it rather fun for Daddy and me, who carry the mischievous gene in the family, to strategically place pink items in Munchkinhead’s vicinity.  Just picture this tiny little Munchkinhead turning bright red and stomping and flailing and making such a ruckus, as though she were three times her size, just cuz something’s pink.  It’s so ridiculous!  It’s so funny!

Mommy and Wendy, they do not appreciate this so much.  Maybe they don’t have a sense of humor.  More likely, they’re just nicer.

Part of the reason this is all so amusing though is because pink used to be one of Munchkinhead’s favorite colors.  Pink and yellow.  For most of her childhood.  Yellow stayed, but somewhere along the line pink got replaced with black.  My poor little Munchkinhead!  What terrible thing must have happened to turn her from bright, happy pink, to sad, dark, emo, black.


*Sigh*  Well, at least we’ll always have adorable pictures like this, adorable pink pictures like this:

Pretty in Pink

By the way, if you really, really, really want get a rise out of her, use pink paisley.  She hates paisley even more than pink.  One scrap of pink paisley on Gibby and Daddy Bunny will be bunny-napped for sure!


munchkinhead said...

im laughing so hard im starting to cry.
oh boy, first off you're the one who puts are children into the laundry clutch, second i have no memory of being upset over the ink bowls, i happen to like those bowls, granted its not like i have much choice now a day, third yellow is a happy color, and 4th i changed bucz i did not like being told that because i was a girl that i had to like something, in this case the color pink.
side note, i have no idea why i dislike parsley so much its just
and for the record i didnt not pick out that dress( i think) and even when that little i cld make anything look cute ^>^

goldenrail said...

Saturday morning, Mommy goes to the door across from the downstairs bathroom to start sorting the wash. She opens the door. "Ah! Ah! Help! Helmmphhh! mmmmmpppphhh!" She can't speak, she can't get loose. Arms flailing. Muffled screams. Oh no! Who will save her? She's trapped in the laundry clutch!

When she gets free, she better make sure she's not making Italian food for dinner since Munchkinhead dislikes parsley so much.

And Munchkinhead, when she eats her non-Italian meal better be careful not to get her teeth stained black by those ink bowls. She'll look like that guy from The Patriot.


angry munchkinhead said...


goldenrail said...

angry munchkinhead, you just made me laugh harder than the first time! I love you :)

mu said...

what else wld i be here for?

munchkinhead said...

it didnt let me finish my name, just so you know, and i wore my shoes today :)

Unknown said...

I reread this today from the link and laughed hardest at Goldenrail's comments about munchkinhead's comments!