Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Warning: Iron is Hot When On

Oops.  It's a cute burn though, really, as burns go.  On the side of my leg, just at the bottom of my knee.  A neat red tapered line, about 2" long.  It goes nicely with the blue veins just below that give my leg a sort of marbled look.  And it doesn't hurt, anymore.

I was warming up the iron so that I could iron un-wrinkled clothes just to avoid having some fly hatch in my skin.  I noticed something I needed to pick up from the floor.  I don't remember what it was.  But, I squeezed in between my bed and "desk" (two nightstands with a cardboard box bridged across them), and leaned into the iron on the bed in the process.

Oh well, that's still less scars than last time I came to Africa.  They're like my own little battle wounds, a story behind each one... this one's from fixing my shoe, falling of my bike, when my brick oven collapsed... etc.  They make me, me!  Character, that's it, character. ;)


jess said...

Oh big! Only you! :) love you!

Katie said...

I hope it hurt less than hot glue!!!!!

goldenrail said...

much, much less than hot glue, and a prettier scar, same leg though