Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grrrrr..... (Double Grrrr)

Ok, Dan Smolinski is probably the only person in the world who would get that, but anyway....

I'm fed up.  I think it's normal after one month in Africa.  I long for that good ol' American mind-your-own-vampiring-business attitude.  I want customer service, hot showers and electricity that doesn't start my surge protector on fire.

The really sucky thing is, based on all the news I'm getting, America doesn't seem like that great of a place to be right now either.  The economy some how wound up in a handbasket, the government's run by corporations, and hurricanes are causing deaths in the midwest!

Usually, when I'm at home and things start looking not so good, I just dream about going back to Zambia.  Well, when I'm in Africa and dealing with everything that is Africa, that balm doesn't sooth so much.

Maybe I'll just join the ostriches.  Where's the sand?


Katie said...

Dan's not the only one that understands Double Grrr! =)

Wendy said...

And I may not know where it orginally came from, but I too know about grrr, grrr, double grrrr

goldenrail said...

Wow, Katie, you have a good memory. And Wendy, you probably know about it from Dan!
It's from our 10th grade Humanities home video project. Stacy had a stuffed tiger in the back of her car. Dan kept taking the tiger and making it say "grrrrr.... double grrrrrr."

MaryRuth said...

It really IS getting scary here! I swear if the election doesn't go to Obama, I'm seriously thinking of moving to Canada or Israel.