Sunday, May 17, 2009

A New Home

Garter Skirts #1 – the move so far and our new home

This past weekend, I finally saw what is going to be my new home.  It’s not something I would have picked out myself – there’s sliding shower doors, beige carpeting, stucco-ed ceilings, a gas stove and small windows in the bedrooms – but, it will be fine, and I’m very excited about it.  The location is kick-vampire.  We’re so close to BART I can see the people on the train when it stops at the station.  I’m a five minute walk from JoAnn Fabrics, Ross and groceries, and about 2 blocks from the Trans-Bay bus.

Not expecting to have an available apartment upon reaching the East Bay, I had little to put in the place than dirty laundry.  Mr. Trizzle and I were able to move over quite a bit of his things though.   I think he continued moving the rest after I left, in the unusual 102 degree East Bay weather.

Mr. Trizzle and I also spent part of the weekend shopping for things he’d need to survive until I actually move in a few weeks and things we knew we’d both need.  That was interesting at first, but fun. 

Here we were at this gigantic 2 story Walmart, debating about various items.  I felt like I was trying to build a home and Mr. Trizzle was trying to stock a dorm room.  I think it worked out decently though with some compromises.

At my apartment in Nashville, my bathroom’s theme was “duckies”.  Yellow duckies on a shelf, on the tub bottom, on the hand towel and the bath mat, coordinating blue and green accents in the other pieces to complete the duckies at the pond feel.  The theme of our new bathroom appears to be “various shades of blue.”  Actually, it’s not just different shades of blue since some things are more grey and others more green and some truly blue.  Perhaps a better characterization would be “various permutations of blue.”  Maybe I’ll just claim it’s a water theme.

We got a nice floor lamp for the living room though, not made out of plastic.

I’m really excited about finally moving next week.  I may spend an extra day or two in Nashville just to enjoy my last few moments with my happy room.  The problem with giving a girl her dream bedroom when she’s in her mid-twenties is that she’s going to have to leave it fairly quickly.  I will miss my hard wood floor, my 10 foot ceilings, my very, very large windows with the long flowing sheer white curtains that blow in the breeze.  The sunshine filling the room with light and warmth.  Curling up on top of my fluffy bed in a ray of sun and taking my cat naps.  Going to sleep at night with the soft breeze brushing across my cheek.   *sigh* oh well, I’ll still have Daddy Bunny.


MaryRuth said...

Best wishes on your new digs!

dtrizzle said...

Technically, I was trying to stock three dorm rooms.

goldenrail said...

Mr. Trizzle, you made me laugh so hard out loud - in public!
MR: Thank you :) Mr. Trizzle has warned me I cannot stack things the way I usually do, earthquakes.