Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mmmm, Yummy White People Salad

By “white people,” I mean rich, froo-frooey white people.  And no, they are not the main ingredient.

Growing up, a salad was iceberg lettuce, carrots, tomato, celery and maybe some onion or other random vegetables left over from something else.  I drowned those salads in dressing, trying to give them some sort of taste.

Then I moved away, and I met froo-frooey white people and went to eat at their expensive fancy restaurants where a fist-sized meal comes on a giant plate with a sprig of something green on the side.  And I learned.  Salads can be yummy on their own.

So, embracing my glowing whiteness, I headed to the grocery store (just the regular grocery store, not the fancy organic one, I’m not that white. …and I’m certainly not that rich) and got myself some Yummy White People Salad ingredients.

I started with a bag of three hearts salad stuff.  It’s some mixture of lettuces that wasn’t all iceberg and didn’t have any of those sour weeds in it either.

Then, a sprinkling of dried cranberries.  Cranberries are a fruit I don’t like to eat regular.  I don’t like cranberry juice either.  But, mixed in with the salad, the dried cranberries help create yumminess.  (I also find cranberries good in cranberry cheddar cheese.)  Roasted and lightly salted sunflower kernels play nicely off the cranberries.

Of course I had to have some cheese.  Shredded Asiago and a little bit of shredded Applewood Smoked Swiss.  Too much of the swiss overpowers everything else, but just a little bit is good.  It’s also a good munching cheese for later. ;)

And then the best part – although the salad is already really good even without this part, this part’s like adding desert to the meal.  Sugar roasted pecans!

heating pecans I got the idea from some fancy-schmancy recipe online somewhere.  One tablespoon of sugar and one ounce of raw pecan halves in a saucepan.  Heat, swirl, etc.  Mmmmmm



I like adding the pecans on top of the salad while they’re still hot, melts the cheese a little bit.  But I suppose you could wait ‘til they’re cool, too.  And that’s it!  I had bought a dressing to put on top of the salad, but the salad was so yummy on its own I didn’t even add any dressing.

Doesn’t it look delicious?


my salad


munckinhead said...



goldenrail said...

no? it doesn't look delicious?

Jeannie said...

I agree with munchinkinhead - but then I like plain oldiceberg lettuce, onions, green pepper, tomatoes, maybe some cucumber, croutons, bacon bits, and some cheese on mine - plain old cheddar, thank you - and dressing, with fresh ground black pepper

Wendy said...

I'm with mommy, minus the cucumber. I don't like how fast food resturants try to make their salads 'fancier' by adding in odd ingredients that I don't like, such as manderian oranges or pecans. Since McDonald's went to fancy salads, there is nothing on their non-breakfast menu I will eat anymore.

goldenrail said...

Wendy, don't they still have the regular old side salad?

MaryRuth said...

Wow--harsh audience you got there, GR! I think your salad looks and sounds and surely tastes--AWESOME! You are right on about the sugared nuts--they totally put a salad on another level. You can also whip the sugar in a bowl with an egg white and spices to your liking..just make the egg whites nice and frothy...and toss the nuts in that then bake on a sheet. The nuts get even more of a crust.
I guess I must be a froo-froo white person, but I kinda like those weed salads, however I am getting back to my iceberg roots once in a while lately.

goldenrail said...

Don't worry MR, I knew they were going to be like that. But I figured you'd come through and save me. ;)

Anonymous said...
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