Friday, September 18, 2009

New Shoes, New Shoes

New sho-oo-oes. Yesterday, I had a special meeting where I had to get fancied up, but not too serious. This is the Bay after all, wearing the black suit and pearls so earnestly required at Vandy will quickly get you ostracized out here. So I went nice, professional, and a little fun. Cute black pinstripe suit where the skirt has a little ruffle hem that makes it cute and fun. A red camisole. Beige fishnets. And then, my new red shoes!

Aren’t they fabulous?

new red shoes

I normally don’t do red shoes. (My Jessica Rabbit costume would be an exception.) I’ve always been kind of afraid of them. The people who wear them, at least on tv and such, are rather vampires. And red is such an attention getting color. Yes, 5” heels can also get attention, but you have to actually notice them first, and then do a bit of a double take. Red, especially when paired with black, is so got ya! And red plus 5” heels, that’s all kind of better-not-trip-and-fall-on-my-vampire trouble.

But they are so fun! I have to admit, I did feel rather powerful walking around in them. Stepping out of my car, striding down the street. And I got sooooo many compliments. :)

I picked ‘em up at the shoe store near our house. –the shoes, not the compliments- I absolutely loved them when I saw them. Especially that neat rainbow striped heel. At first, I wasn’t sure I could get them. The 10 was far too big and their weren’t any 9 1/2s. The 9 was a little snug, but not too bad and not painful. Plus, the 60% off sticker put them just at the top of my reasonable-for-heels price range, about $30. How could I refuse? Sucks that their Jessica Simpson, but whatever. The girl may not know the difference between chicken and tuna, but she can pick out a shoe.

Oh, and Mommy, they don't work, otherwise I'd have been at dinner last night.


Jeannie said...

LOVE the heels! - of course they won't work - they're not glittery -just shiny ;)

goldenrail said...

Wanna borrow them Mommy? You're close to a 9? I can bring them with me. I bet if I wear them on Tuesday they'll work, glitter or not ;)

Jeannie said...

:D lol

munckinhead said...

ohhh, why dont we have the same size feet!
very prettttttty

goldenrail said...

well, according to you from when I was in Africa (the 1st time): "tiny feet, not growing :("
sorry. what are you, an 8? Maybe I can go back and see if they have your size. You do have a birthday soon...

MaryRuth said...

all I can say is OW--those look painful! but stylish.