Friday, October 9, 2009

goldenrail, Made with Real Cheese

The other day I got some junk email, unfiltered out by Google. A flyer about special cheese makers in the Bay Area that only use local this that and the other thing. The flyer newsletter thingy had a special section showcasing some woman in New York City. “Queen of cheese making” or something ridiculous they called her. “One of the most important influences in American cheese making.”

I scrolled to the bottom of the flyer newsletter thingy. There, hidden among other tiny little links was the word “unsubscribe,” underlined in all its hyperlink glory. Squinting in order to see if I had my mouse cursor on the tiny link, I clicked.

“Yes, unsubscribe me from the newsletter and wholesale offers.” Check. A box comes up. “Please tell us why you are unsubscribing.” Ah, now that’s simple. “Real cheese comes from Wisconsin.” Submit.


MaryRuth said...

Yeah...It is amusing to hear about so-called uber-cheesemakers from places other than WI. But small, farmstead cheesemakers probably ARE closer to the WI standard and those from here in CA are easier to procure. I can get WI cheese at Trader Joes--not a big assortment though.
Here is a blog I read that has lots of cool info on WI cheesemakers. I would love to attend one of these events.
I wonder if a real human will read your unsubscribe note??

goldenrail said...

I have no idea if a real human will read my note, but writing it made me feel better.

I'll have to check out that cheese underground thing. I can't afford much cheese anyway, so I get what I can find at the store here to hold me over. Then I really enjoy myself when I go home. :D

munckinhead said...

i would like to thumb-up this :P

Jeannie said...

I'm with Munchkinhead - thumbs up!

goldenrail said...

Mommy and Munchkinhead - stop confusing your social media :P
(but thanks for the likes)