Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Munchkinhead Joins Big People

I’ve hardly gotten used to the idea that I can drink, and now - oh how unbelievable - my pretty little munchkinhead is 21!  It seems just the other day she was playing dress up and making funny faces. flying katrina vampire editedOh wait, that was just the other day.

 80s katrnia

Munchkinhead has discovered, during her time in Scotland, the glorious yummy-ness that is Amarula.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Or should that be the marula fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree?  Anyway, Mommy is already stocking up on Amarula for Christmas.  We’ll really celebrate then.  (By the way, the glass on the Amarula website is far too small.)

I’m not sure what Munchkinhead is doing to celebrate her birthday, other than staying up all night to write a paper.  I’m celebrating next week by going to see the musical version of one of her favorite albums, American Idiot.  It’s the sort of thing I’d take her to, if she were in the same city, or on the same continent as me.  Maybe there will be something just as good when she comes to visit in the spring.

And now, a song:

Happy Birthday to You

You ah-are a zoo

You would be a monkey

If your tail had grew

Love you pretty little munchkinhead.  Happy 21st Birthday!!!


munckinhead said...

lol i love the song at the end, danke! and that 2nd picture is form 2 yrs ago, i know i dont have any form my dressing up and making faces last week.

goldenrail said...

Glad you like the song :)

I don't have very many recent pics of you (this needs to be fixed!) so I had to raid your facebook.

munckinhead said...

well raid my facebook now there are more up, u can get even more in dec!

goldenrail said...

Guess I need to find a new reason to discuss you getting dressed up and making funny faces.