Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pse Tlyde Pte and Other Funny Prefixes

The other day I was helping my new roommate, The Legend, move.  Well, I was trying to help.  However, The Legend is a guy, and being such, he had absolutely nothing packed, practically refused to use boxes, and when he did agree to use a box obstinately insisted that it was assembled correctly and was supposed to have wings.  (Really, it isn’t this difficult. plhhh, men.)

So basically, my helping consisted mostly of driving the car.  And waiting.  Waiting for him to scoop whatever mass of fibers, metal and who-knows-what off his floor and into giant bags.  While waiting, I discovered two wonderful things.  The first was the remote to his mother’s television.  This remote was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen.  It was HUGE!  Practically as big as the tv screen itself.  It was so big, I assumed it was a toy and was quite surprised when my pushing the power button caused the television to turn on.

There was my second wonderful discovery, a PBS show called Dinosaur Train.  It’s a bout a family of Pteranodons, or something else I probably can’t pronounce, and their adopted T-Rex that hatched in their nest.  The family goes on different adventures on the Dinosaur Train, which allows them to time travel, too.  In this particular episode one of the young Pteranodons, Tiny, was upset because he lost his special place as the littlest to a microraptor the family visited via the Dinosaur Train.  I could sympathize with Tiny.  He felt about the little microrapter just like I did on Sunday about Mr. Trizzle and the Legend when they took away my job of organizing the packing in the moving truck.  We all need our special roles.  In the end, the littel microrapter and Tiny worked together to save the day.  (And Mr. Trizzle, the Legend and I worked together to pack the truck up nice.)  Oh, and I learned that “micro” means “small.” ;)

I really liked the show.  I kept wondering if Alfred would like it, too, since it’s about dinosaurs; or whether it would upset her because she’d be pointing out all the things wrong with it.  “A T-Rex egg wouldn’t just show up in a Pteranodon nest!” she’d say.  But the show made the Pteranodons travel through time on the Dinosaur Train in order to visit the microraptors (since the microraptors have wings and feathers, I’m assuming they are from a later time period), so Alfred should be pleased about that.  I got the show for my Zune, so maybe we can watch it together after Christmas.


Wendy said...

Two things: 1) at least the guy in the video was looking at the instructions. and 2) I had heard about the tv show through the vertpaleo list serve and the comments about it were that the show is good and fairly accurate for a children's show. I mean obviously time travel of that sort is not possible, and dinosaurs didn't speak English, but once you get past the creative licensing it's good. I would like to watch the show (though my biggest complaint would probably be how dinosaur heavy it is and where are the mammals).

goldenrail said...

Dinosaurs didn't speak English? I had no idea! What did they speak? Latin? It was a long time ago and Latin was spoken a long time ago, so I'm going to guess Latin.

P.S. we can watch it together in late December :)

munckinhead said...

1st off when i read wendys comment i could hear her saying "obviously...."
2nd, the first video that i watched, that popped up was about how ever dinosaur poops......

goldenrail said...

That's our Wendy!
I guess all dinosaurs would have pooped, never really thought about it.

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