Sunday, May 13, 2012

Got a Hat, Hat… Or a Coaster

There’s this adorable holiday tune by Bob and Doug McKenzie, truly Canadian rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas that includes many items as baffling as the original song’s activities.  (Why are those lords leaping? What on earth is 2-4?)

Recently, thanks to a lovely Canadian, I finally learned what those “fi-ive go-lden toques!” are. And once, I knew they were just those adorable hats with the pom-pons on top, I had to make my own.  So, I set out with a set of size 5 knitting needles and the most golden yarn I could find.

And I wound up with a coaster.


Oops. It’s a very lovely coaster. In fact, it’s now my favorite coaster. I’m debating about making more so I have a set, but I’ve other knitting projects to finish first.

I used a hat loom to make the golden toques.

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