Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review: Wanted

I enjoy Amish-set fiction immensely.  These books always make for a nice break in between some heavy non-fiction. The ones I’ve read are usually pretty similar, love stories where one of the lovers is grieving the loss of their previous spouse or beau or and the other is struggling with their past while trying to win the grieving person’s heart. The focus on community and God are constant and one of the reasons delving into the books for an hour or two can be such a calming experience.

In Wanted by Shelley Shepard Gray, the main character is struggling with accepting her own behavior during her Rumpspringa. Her heart is set on a widower who is still grieving the loss of his wife in a buggy accident. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for these books, but it is a delightful read.

Apparently, this book is part of a series called Sisters of the Heart, which focuses on different characters during different books. I got the impression that this is the second book and that the first was about this main character’s older sister. I vaguely feel as though I may have read that book, but I honestly do not remember. That just shows it’s easy to pick up the book without needing to know about others from the series.

Good, simple, wholesome fiction. It’s like homemade apple pie for your soul.


Anonymous said...

I started reading this yesterday. Found a card in the back on purple paper - not sure if it was made you or by you years ago. I'm guessing it was in your box of saved papers. ;) Dad saw the book and said he read it. Did you get it from him?

goldenrail said...

That purple paper is a bookmark that was made by a young girl at my church. She gives me lots of bookmarks that she makes during service, so I left that one in the book.

I did not get it from Daddy; I bought it on Amazon. Is he sure he read it already? You can bring it with you when you come next week ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes he read it - he gave me the synopsis - which was basically what the book flap said, but said ge bought it for like $2.00 from htis company he orders a lot of his books from.
the bookmark is cute - I'll bring it back with the book. :)