Friday, January 17, 2014

New Desk

It was the one thing I felt like the apartment was missing: a work space for me.  Everything else about the apartment is fabulous.  But, I needed a place where I could sit and work at my computer. 

Finally, I ordered a desk.  A small desk, a portable desk.  Something we could sort of squeeze into the existing layout without too much trouble and move out of the way when company comes.  It doesn’t match at all, but the only ones that did match were way too short.

I chose a fairly inexpensive but decently rated, Amazon-prime eligible desk from  It’s called the Techni Mobili Mobile & Compact MDF Computer Cart.  Well, that’s what the manufacturer calls it; I call it a wheely-desk.

It’s light-weight; awesome.  It came with a Philips screw driver and wrench for assembly; awesome.  It did need a little tweaking before assembly though.  The desk comes with the cams already inserted into their proper places.  But, the holes for the screws to access the cams were laminated over and the cams were not quite in all the way or turned the proper direction.  I had to open the screw-holes with the screwdriver, and use a flathead screwdriver to push the cams all the way in and rotate them to the proper direction.  Once I did that, the desk went together ok.

The desk is designed to have a roll-out keyboard tray and a CD holder.  Umm… CDs?  I don’t like keyboard trays; my knees need that space.  So, I didn’t install the keyboard tray. Instead of attaching the metal CD rack vertically to the side to hold CDs, I decided to turn it into something useful.  I bought long screws, wide washers and wingnuts at the local hardware store and attached the wire rack to the keyboard tray arm.  Now I have a hanging basket that I can use to hold pens, post-it note pads or other small desk wares.

deskDesk as pictured  on Amazon:











Desk as I assembled it for me:my desk (4) cropped and shrunk

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