Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ribbed Scarf

Is there anyone who doesn’t like carrying yarn around in their purse?  Ok, probably lots of people, including the plenty who don’t carry purses, like Munchkinhead and men outside of San Francisco.  I however, enjoy having a nice little knitting project tucked into my bag for all those unexpected or short down times throughout the day.

Most recently, I stuffed a small skein of sock yarn and a size 5 circular needle into my knitting pouch.  The skein was one of two given to me by my knitting teacher; the other had been used to make a pair of knee-highs.  I wanted to do something special with the second skein but wasn’t sure what at first.  Then an idea hit me.

Scarves are excellent pocket knitting projects because they don’t require a whole lot of attention.  That’s key for something you may knit on a few minutes at a time.  My uncle in California keeps his home very, very cold for inside, and his Anne is not such a huge fan of that.  A scarf for her would be perfect.  My original thought was that it should be a Christmas present.  That failed, but Fourth-Tuesday-in-March presents are nice, too.

I decided to do a bit of a pattern in the scarf so that it wouldn’t be too plain or too boring to knit, but something simple enough to knit a few minutes at a time.  The vertical ribbing turned out gorgeous and the seed stitch on the edges helps keep it from curling.  I also love the stretch that the ribbing gives the scarf. 

The colors look great on my uncle’s Anne and I hope it keeps her just a little bit warmer in my uncle’s ice cube home.

scarf for Anne (3)

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