Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Ball

I returned to an almost empty house.  Just me and the shadows of a house-guest who's gone home.  A greasy bacon pan in the sink, blow pop wrappers scattered here and there, extra towel in the bathroom, the little things that just aren't quite right.  It's quiet here tonight; quiet and a little bit lonely.  But also, in a strange way, refreshing.  I can breath a little more; my routine and schedule can return.

Now, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade anything for this past weekend.  It was wonderful, and Mr. Trizzle and I had a lot of fun.  I was really happy to see him again and am excited about going to Cali on Friday for Spring Break.  But, it's hard to sort of throw aside your whole life for a few days, trying to squeeze in school work in other places, staying up later, sleeping longer, eating at different times, all that sort of stuff.  In any case, I have all sorts of random stuff going on this week, so I probably won't really have my schedule back until sometime after Spring Break.  Oh well.

Now, for what you guys are all really dying to hear about: The Suit.

Yes, it fit.  Sort of.  The shirt sleeves were a bit short, and the tie was too long.  Good thing I decided to put the French cuffs on the shirt.  He just left them unfolded, the same way I wear my French cuff shirts (cuz the sleeves are too short.)  And we safety-pinned the tie so no one could see it was too long.  The important stuff fit fine.  Here's some pictures.  (Fyi, these were taken near the end of the night, so it's a little more wrinkled than when he first put it on.)

front of suitback of suit 

The Ball was a lot of fun, despite the crappy DJ.  And happily, many of my friends who said they weren't going showed up anyway!  Here's some pics:ashlee me and chasity from ashlee

Me and two of those friends who changed their minds at the last minute, the Prez and Chas.


after checking coats cropped

Me and Mr. Trizzle, our full outfits.  Don't you just love my shoes?!  They lace up but that part's sort of hidden by my skirt.I was so concerned with Mr. Trizzle's suit that I didn't really know what I was going to wear until the night before.  I pulled the corset and skirt out of my closest.  I threw the skirt together in an hour or so for a college formal, and it was obvious.  I spent the morning before the ball removing pink basting from the waist line, re-tacking down the bias tape "waist band" and putting a hook and eye on the skirt.

me and corneliaherman dorian and me from herman

More pictures with friends, My Rhyming Twin and the Giant Jamaican.


photo by tarik

Th is is one my favorite photos of the night.  (Taken by Tarik Downey.)

And... two more nice photos:  (it was going to be one more, but I couldn't make up my mind.)

dorian and me standing me sitting on dorian smaller cropped


munckinhead said...

i like the one that is your fav. too!
and you looked gorgeous as always <3

goldenrail said...

Awww, thanks munchkinhead :)

jess said...

you look amazing!!! :-D and i'm glad the suit turned out! :)

love you!

goldenrail said...

Thanks Jess. :) You've probably seen the skirt before. I made it to go with my pink and black corset, though I can't remember which dance I would have worn it to. It wasn't the "pledge class formal"; that was a different corset and skirt. Maybe it was for Greek Ball or a DRU formal or something.

Jeannie said...

Yup - been waiting for news on the suit and some pics from the ball. Won der if I can save a pic to my computer....need (want?) a recent one of you...Glad you had a good time, too. I know what it's like to have people stay and 'mess up' your schedule. ;)

goldenrail said...

Mommy, right click --> save as.
I could also email you if you'd like.

Jeannie said...

Got it - I was at work, so coudln't try it there - but I saved one now that I'm home.

MaryRuth said...

Looking Good!

Alissa said...

You look amazing! I was thinking about you the other day, was telling someone about your shoe collection in the dorms and the occasional shoevalance (not sure how it came up in convo though). Miss you!

goldenrail said...

Thanks MR and Alissa.
The shoevalanches still happen occasionally;)