Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Adventures of the Little Bunny, Foo Foo

Yesterday, when his mommy was at work, Daddy Bunny and I snuck out to explore.  I haven't been outside since we moved into this room, and I was longing for adventure, sunlight, maybe even a few carrots.  I think Daddy Bunny felt bad that he got to go on a trip the other week and I didn't, so he agreed to take me out sight seeing.

Daddy Bunny's mom locks the door when she leaves, but we still got out.  The windows have sliding screens that only cover half the window at the time.  Daddy Bunny is very strong and was able to push the screen to the other side.  We're both fluffy and squishy and small, so we had no problem squeezing through the widely spaced metal bars.  Plus, we're bunnies, so we can hop and jump really well.

The sun was really bright outside and it took a little while for my eyes to adjust to the light.  I wondered if it was easier or harder for Daddy Bunny to adjust, since he only has one eye.  The building that our room is in looks really big from outside.  There's lots of big open space around it, but no grass.  I was sad.  I had imagined hopping through lush green grass.  But instead, it was all hard stone and some prickly bushes.

Daddy Bunny and I were looking around, examining our surroundings when we had a sudden emergency.  This gigantic, mangy, hairy, grey and white beast was running towards us!  We quickly hopped, as fast as we could, towards a big hole in the wall across from our room.  We ducked under the barbed wire and made it safely to the other side.  The gigantic beast stopped at the hole.  He sort of stuck his nose through a bit, then pulled back and started barking ferociously.  (It was much scarier than when my brother, Barks, used to bark at me.)  We continued to flee.

We finally stopped after we darted around some other buildings.  This place was really different than where we'd just come from.  There was still no grass, but the ground wasn't covered in stones anymore either.  It was all dirt.  And very dusty dirt.  There were large piles of garbage all around us, and bicycles, cars and people, too.  We calmly collected ourselves and tried to hop off like normal little bunny rabbits.  

The city here is very different than my grandparents' place back home.  We have a nice big area of green grass out front, and another at the back.  The whole street has similar green patches up and down it.  There isn't a lot of traffic on the roads and not too many people around.

Here, there is very little grass, and what is there is brown and crunchy.  That's ok for chewing on, but not so yummy to actually eat.  And boy are there cars and people!  Several times Daddy Bunny and I had to hop very fast and dodge cars.  It was hard to scamper across the streets because the ground next to the road is often much higher than the road.  We had to leap onto and off of these big black and white stone things whenever we wanted to cross a street.  I'm really glad we didn't see any dead animals in the roads; that would have scared me even more! 

We did see some animals around though.  The birds here are very pretty and small and make beautiful music.  We had to run from a few more wild beasts and some scraggly and hungry looking cats, but we always got away.  (I'm afraid of cats, except for my brother Chuckie.  Although, my mom and aunties seem to be scared of him.  I don't know why.  I always liked his music.)

The strangest thing was when we went down this really busy road.  These very very large birds were walking around, pecking at the ground.  I asked Daddy Bunny why they weren't flying and what they were.  I'd never seen anything like that before.  Daddy Bunny said they're called 'chickens.'  He knows because his mommy had some in Zambia and because he saw some in England with her.   They didn't seem very smart.   One chicken walked right up to me, leaned down and peered at my face, his beak right in front of my nose.  His eyes were big and bulgy and he just cocked his head back and forth kinda jerkily.  I was scared.  I thought he was gonna try to eat me!  (Oh, Daddy Bunny just told me the chicken was a she.  He says she didn't have the beard that males have and that males are called 'roosters' and make really loud, painful, noises.)

The trees here are also very different than the ones at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  They go straight up really high, but their branches stay tucked against the trunk.  Daddy Bunny said they look like his mommy's fake Christmas tree when she took it out of the box.  At first I didn't like the strange trees.  Looking up at them made me very dizzy and I thought one would fall on me.  Then I saw Daddy Bunny.  He was near the bottom of the tree, munching on leaves.  Because the branches are folded down like that, the leaves nearly touch the ground.  Perfect height for little rabbits like us to get a snack!  Good thing too, all this hopping and dodging and running had made me very hungry.

There was one other odd thing I noticed.  Tombstones.  I know about tombstones because my mommy really likes vampires.  She has a lot of books with pictures inside or on the cover of cemeteries, graveyards and tombstones.  From these books, I learned that people back home put all their dead people in one place, so they can all sleep peacefully. 

Here, I kept seeing these little tombstones in very busy areas, between the road and the paths for people to walk.  I thought maybe they put the children where it's noisy because children like to play and have commotion around them.  Maybe the children wouldn't like a quiet cemetery.  I figured the tombstones are for children because they are so small. And what's really interesting, they only have initials on them.  Maybe there's not enough room for the full names.

I was standing and staring at one of these little tombstones right outside our gate when Daddy Bunny grabbed me and pulled me into the bushes.  I had been so busy wondering what this little child had looked like, liked to do, how she died, etc, that I didn't see Daddy Bunny's mommy coming up the street!  Luckily, Daddy Bunny recognized her humming.  His ears may not look so good, but they still work really well.  I was also surprised because I had expected to hear a car, not see her walking.

Daddy Bunny and I scampered along the edge of the gate and squeezed underneath it just as his mom was reaching the driveway.  Thank goodness the guards are so nice and always greet her when she comes in.  That distracted her enough for us to hop onto the big metal box sticking out of the wall under the window and back through the window.  Daddy Bunny pulled the screen shut again and we hopped onto the bed, trying to suppress our giggles about such a narrow escape.  Hopefully, his mom won't notice that we're both a bit dirtier than when she left for work.  We were so dirty to begin with, I don't think she'll realize the difference. 

It was a very fun day; I only wish my sister, Gibby, had been here to go on the adventure with us.  Of course, she'd only move in the trees, not hop with us.  Oh yeah, and there were no carrots.


munckinhead said...

1.who's the bark?
2. i liked Chuckie, i thought he was fun.
3.Gibby is a boy.

goldenrail said...

1. Barks was your grey pound puppie that barked. We used to switch the noise makers in him and your baby doll that said "ha ha ha ha mama"
2. he was scary!!!
3. sorry Gibby

Jeannie said...

At least he wasn't hopping through the forest, scooping up the field mice, and bopping them on the head! :D hee hee hee

Jeannie said...

P.S. You really should write this as a children's book - all it needs is an illustrator and publisher! Maybe Aunt Gwen can hook you up with a publisher.

Wendy said...

Before I left Colorado for Thanksgiving break, I told Timmy Bear that I was going to leave him in Colorado because if he went with me he would just be stuck in the bedroom at Nathan's parents' house all day with the door closed to keep him safe from Scooter. (And since I was taking the train, this way we wasn't stuck in a suitcase for 10+ hours.) He would be bored in Nebraska but in Colorado he was Rag Doll and the other stuffed animals to keep him company. I did promise him that I would take him with me to Wisconsin over Christmas so he could see Daddy Bunny and Gibby.
When I told this to Nathan he called me odd. Then later he read this post and said "you're still odd, but your sister is even odder".

goldenrail said...

Wendy, Nathan can call us "odd," but I prefer the term "fun." We're all fun, even the boring one. ;)

Jeannie said...

Wendy - lol :D - love you all!!!