Friday, November 21, 2008

The Shortest Distance From A to B is Not in a Cab

Awhile back I posted  about a crazy taxi driver that went way out of his way to get me from the Hilton to work.  Here's a map.  Sorry it's kinda crappy.  The map is a bit odd to begin with and then the photo is blurry.

crazy taxi driver route

The red circle is work: The Federal Secretariat.

The green square is the Hilton.

The light blue line is the path the cab driver could have taken.

The yellow line is the path he did take; I think, the small streets in Wuse II aren't well marked on this map.

And for those that are interested, the dark blue square outline is where I live.


RandomlySane said...

lol - can you blame for trying to make some extra cash!? you seem like you're having an amazing experience :D

goldenrail said...

Actually, he's just wasting fuel. Cab fare is negotiated before getting in the cab. It's generally 200 naira for anywhere in town during the day. That means if I take a cab from my house to the Hiltton it's the same price as going to work or going to Garki on the other side of town. That's one of the reasons I try to walk if the distance is under 2 miles.

MaryRuth said...

so if it was all the same to him, why would he take such a weird route? To give you the scenic view?

goldenrail said...

I have no idea. I even asked him several times if he knew where he was going. He kept saying yes, but I don't think he did.