Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This New Place Isn't as Much Fun as Zambia

Maybe I'm not supposed to want my mom around a lot, since I'm 17, but I do. She's fun and she likes to play with me. But, she's getting older and has to spend more time away now. When I was younger, we got to spend lots of time together.

For holidays, she would make me a new hat, maybe even a tie and shoes, and we would all go to great-grandma's house: me, Mom, Auntie Wendy, Auntie Katrina, Grandma and Grandpa, sometimes even my cousins, too. But now, Mom lives far away from everyone else, and we don't get to go to all the holidays. We still home for Christmas though, and I help Mom open her presents! We also take pictures of everyone else opening their presents. And sometimes, when Auntie Katrina finds two in a row for Mom, I hold one until she wants to open it. I'm a good helper. Mom says we're going home again soon, I can't wait. And, she says were staying with Auntie Katrina and my cousins! (Auntie Wendy already has a guest. I heard Mom say something about Rob and Laura, but that's two people, so I'm confused.) I think Mom misses her mommy, just like I miss her. Her mommy is super fun and likes to play with her, too.

My favorite times with Mom were when we were in Africa. Mom made me a passport like hers so I could go, too. In Zambia, I got to go everywhere with her. And, I got to ride on her back! All the neighbors would ask about me whenever they saw us. Mom's friends would come over and give me a bath. Their baths were really nice because I finished them in one piece. (In Africa, they don't take baths inside those scary dark machines that spin you clean, and into pieces.) And the cold water felt nice. It was hot there sometimes, and I always wear my yellow overalls and long-sleeved green shirt. The other children would come to ask if I could play. They really liked me, and I liked them, too. I saw a whole lot of really cool places traveling with Mom. I liked riding on her bicycle into town. I'd be sitting on her back, tucked in snug to the pretty citenge cloth, bouncing around as we'd go flying down the rocky hill. Sometimes we'd fall off, but don't worry, Mom always broke my fall. I miss Zambia a lot. Not only did I get to do things with Mom all the time, when I was home alone, I had friends. Ba Alfred, and Cheerbear and Ducky and I would sit safely inside the mosquito net, talking and playing. Now, it's just me.

I also liked it the the first time Mom went to school, before we went to Zambia. There were always lots of visitors. Now, there's only one person that ever comes to visit, and he doesn't like me. I heard him tell Mom once, after he knocked me off the bed, that he was jealous. Good, she's my mom! He tried to blame my "falling" off the bed on her, but I know better than that. She only throws me off the bed when she's asleep. Well, at least he's not super mean to me.

When I was younger, Mom's friends would sometimes be really mean to me. She always tried to protect me, but sometimes they bunnynapped me when I was alone. One time, somebody threw me into a window. Mom kicked that guy out. Another time, someone hung me from the top of a bus. Mom was really mad, but she couldn't kick her best friend out of the bus into the middle of Scotland. Mom made sure I was ok and held me tight the rest of the day. And Mom's really good at surgery, so even if I get hurt, she can make it better. Just like all moms. She told me her mommy could make things all better with just a kiss, no needle and thread needed! I need some surgery again now, but Mom is super busy, and she says she doesn't have any extra skin right now. I'm sad, but I'm trying to be a good son and not complain.

There's some nice times now. Like today, Mom is spending some extra time with me and helping me write this. It's hard to type with only thumbs and paws. But, it can be pretty awful here. I'm alone most of the day. Mom gets up early, and by the time she leaves, I'm buried under a pile of pillows, blankets and clothes. She can never seem to decide what to wear. It's still light out when she gets home, but I think it stays light here until really late. I hear her moving around. I hear the keyboard and the sewing machine, and her heels in the hall. But, I don't usually get to see her until after dark. It's my favorite time of day. That's when she moves all the clothes from on top of me to some other piece of furniture in the room. She makes the bed, crawls under the big fluffy comforter, and looks for me. I hear her calling, but I don't answer, I like to play hide and seek. When she finds me, she hugs me tight and turns out the light. Then we snuggle down together under the big fluffy comforter. She tells me she loves me, kisses me on the head, and says, "goodnight Daddy Bunny."

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Mommy said...

I was confused...

...at first. Didn't know if you were writing from the past, or the future. THEN I figured it out!!! (A little slow in my old age, I guess.) tsk tsk tsk...what can I say? I'm sure Wendy and Katrina will have comments....sleep tight, Daddy Bunny.

(Comment originally left June 24, 2008.)

goldenrail said...

Good! That was our intent. He says "thank you".

(Reply originally left June 24, 2008.)

jessicakes said...

i love the perspective. you have such a talent with words!

(Comment originally left June 24, 2008.)