Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Le Spirit Enfant

There's a magical place that I know. Like a fairy tale gingerbread house, but less assuming. No gumdrops to light the way, no candy canes lining the path, just some grass and a plain lamppost. But they say, "don't judge a book by it's cover," or the magic by the house in which it lives. Standing outside, you might think you're a sophisticated adult. But passing through the magical portal, you experience a transformation. No mushrooms needed.

"Knock knock" or "ding dong," whichever you choose, a smiling face will greet you and welcome you inside. One step, then the other. And as you move forward, the spirit enfant inside comes to life. Each passing moment melts away the hard exterior baked on by the outside world. Seriousness evaporates, fear drips off, self-consciousness wafts away. There is no evil here, no stern faces, no strangers. Warm smiles and hugs for everyone. You are engulfed by the love. And then.... the silliness ensues!

Every inner child is free here. Even the most determined scrooges can't help but succumb to the power of this Neverland. The house and the yard are both big enough to run around and games of tag or "give me back my (teeth, blankie. etc)" are frequent. More likely than not, someone is singing or dancing. Little green men watch from various posts, while Abominable snowmen and polar bears wait to be found. Loud laughter and the smell of popcorn might lead you to a room with flowing beverages, copious amounts of food and a stack of games as high as a munchkinhead. If Paul entices you upstairs with mention of the fire he's lit, you'll find a truly magical creature. A beautiful queen that never ages, using her special gifts to create beautiful wonderment. Her king is probably downstairs, reciting poetry and snapping little green men in half.

There's a room full of water, where the pink sunset surrounds you on every side. If you look closely at the sea green below you, you can see fish and birds by the waterside. The water laughs gayly as it rolls down the river, and you'd swear you can hear it breathing as it stops to smell the flowers. On very special nights, the soft November Rain beats against the walls, and winds up running down your cheeks. During Summer, shouts of "Mommy! Look!" fill the backyard as limbs go flying through the air. And in Winter, all the snowmen, elves and Santas traverse afar to see baby Jesus, his mother, and the old Shepard.

Deep in the dungeon of this castle, there's an amazing place. More powerful than a British telephone booth or Al. All you have to do is step inside, and *poof*, you are automatically transported to a tropical island. A cool breeze, palm trees in the distance, a drink in your hand. Your body relaxes almost instantly as you sink into the bubbling hot water, the sensual music easing your mind. Ahhhhh.

People travel from every corner of the world to come to this enchanting fairy tale world. Whatever ails they might face are healed. Terrified by goblins and mummies, sprained fingers, confusing themselves with telephones, it's ok. It all becomes part of the game. It's a news story, it's a lazer, it's just Daddy. It's all ok, because it's all magic.

And soon, I'll be there too, just 2 more days! I can't wait! I'm so excited! Milwaukee, cheese curds, frozen custard, warm weather, sunshine, lake air, and family! Home!

It's my grandpa's 80th birthday (or 39 a couple times and then some). We're throwing him a BIG party, but shhhhhhh! don't tell; it's a secret. I'm looking forward to the taco salad; my auntie Gail makes the best taco salad.

I don't think my sisters and I have been together since January, when Wendy finally came home sans Nathan. This time Nathan's coming along, too. We knew he was keeper when he didn't run off after his first visit to our house. Mommy and Daddy and all us kids, plus Grandma and Grandpa and all the aunties and uncles, most of the cousins, plenty extended family. This will be such a wonderful 36 hours.

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Katrina said...

no more teeth:-(

saddly there is no more stealing of the teeth unless one steals the extra set but still not as fun :-((((((

(Comment originally left June 26, 2008.)

jessicakes said...

love it. have a super fun time!!!

(Comment originally left June 26, 2008.)