Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adventures from Home: Munchkinhead has a Job

Pretty Little Munchkinhead, she’s got the pretty little museum bug.  I suppose we all have it, thanks to Daddy’s summer vacations, but some of us got it worse than others.  Alfred’s got it pretty bad, what with her masters degree in museum collections stuff.  Munchkinhead’s just working on discovering hers, and she’s had the perfect summer job to help her do it: Trimborn farms.

One day, while Alfred and I were both in Wisconsin, we went with Munchkinhead to the farms, to explore while she worked.  And explore we did, every adorable and crazy photo op we could find.

We stood in the limestone kilns, before we knew they were limestone kilns.

me and wendy in the kiln

We peered through fences,i see youpeekaboo (2)





ran through the grassy green meadow.

sisters running in the medow (1)

found things to play with,

me and the bell

and, rested for a bit in front of the museum house.

                                            me and wendy in front of the main house (2)

Only for a bit, for there was so much more to explore.  Like the barn,

Wendy and the barn

and, well, that’s not actually the barn.  Munchkinhead straightened us out later.  The barn is much bigger and has some holes in its roof where the rain gets in.

Munchkinhead actually taught us a lot about the farm before we left for the day.  She taught us about the plants in the garden and which ones we could eat.

eating the plantsThere was lemon mint, anise and chives.  I liked the lemon mint the best.  The fuzzy texture was fun.  All we needed was some rum.

By the end of our adventurous morning, running across the yard, climbing up hills and wanting to roll down them, we were quite tired and opted to take a nap on Munchkinhead.

me and wendy sleeping on katrina's shoulders (3)

She was not so pleased.


Anonymous said...

lol cute picture at the end. ;)(annonymous mom-me)

munchkinhead said...

its an intern, i dont get paid. and Its called Lemonbalm but it is part of the mint family.