Thursday, November 18, 2010

Exciting (Huey Lewis and the) News

The best friends in life are the ones that challenge you to do something new.  Not just for the sake of doing something different, but to join them in something they enjoy that you otherwise might not have tried.  This is one of the reasons Short Fabulous (formerly Short Artichoke) makes such a good friend.  She’s absolutely crazy.  Crazy about Huey Lewis and the News.

Huey, Huey, Huey

Almost since the time I first met her, Short Fabulous has been trying to get me to go see Huey Lewis in concert, listen to Huey Lewis on the radio, watch Huey Lewis on tv.  If it’s Huey, you name it, she’s tried to get me to do it.

Ok, ok, she hasn’t tried to get me to wear Huey Lewis underwear.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, though.

Well, she finally succeeded, taking me a few months ago to a Huey Lewis and the News concert out in Saratoga.  It was a good show, but it was nothing compared to what Short Fabulous got me and another of our friends to do last weekend.

Handshakes, Pictures and Friends

It’s 7pm on a Saturday night and were standing around inside a book store stuck staring at the cd rack next to us, the fake jazz section, oh joy.  The line is growing, we can see the tables arranged near the front.  That’s where they’ll be soon, Huey Lewis and some of the News, to sign autographs and take pictures.

It’s me and Meg&Jack, no Short Fabulous in sight.  Where is that girl?!  She asked us to meet her here at 6.  She’s been going on about this event for weeks.  She can’t wait to introduce her friends to the band, all of whom she knows well.  Huey, Johnny and Bill come out, the line cheers.  Still no Short Fabulous.  The line starts to move, slowly winding around the corners.  Still no Short Fabulous.  Then I feel something down by my elbow.  I turn.  It’s her!  Short Fabulous has finally arrived.

We get up to the front of the line and Huey greets Short Fabulous by name.  A wide smile spreads from ear to ear, “I brought some friends,”  she says.  “You have friends?” Huey jests.  She introduces us all around, Johnny Colla, the sax player, Billy Gibson, the singing drummer, and of course Huey, the Huey.  Then it’s time for a picture:

Huey silly picture

Meg&Jack, Johnny, Short Fabulous, Huey, me, Bill

We hung out until the end, Short Fabulous and a few others chatting it up with the band for awhile.  The entire band, especially Huey, was in a kooky mood, so it was a lot of fun.  We rounded out our adventurous evening with a trip to the local Puerto Rican restaurant, plantains all around.


P.S.  That green jacket on Short Fabulous was one of the finds from the 10 hour fashion day.  Cute, isn’t it?


Jeannie said...

Oh! I can't beleive you didn't tell me you were going to meet him!!! I so would have had you get an autograph for me - shame on you!!! I know - now you're going to tell me you didn't know that I liked Huey Lewis. I DO - and wanted a CD, and to see them once, but daddy talked me out of it. :( I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!

Jeannie said...

(oops - and I can't believe spellcheck didn't catch that I spelled believe wrong.) Guess I was too riled up!

goldenrail said...

If you would have listened to me and come back to Twitter, you would have known Cathy was dragging me to this. But nooooo.... you don't listen to your daughter.

munchkinhead said...

no instead she listens to her husband who buys her tickets to see the Beatles in another state
ps. Short Fabulous isnt the onyl one looking fabulous

Jeannie said...

Munchkinhead - I didn't get to see the Beatles - only one of them. By the time he took me, two of the original Beatles had already died. :( But that was fantastic, only I didn't get an autograph or my pciture taken with Sir Paul. there's a big difference.
and Goldenrail, if you'd let you tweets go to Facebook, I might see them.

goldenrail said...

Mommy, there's no facebook for my tweets to go to. I am free of the evil monster. But clearly you don't love me enough to even notice I'm gone. :P

Btw, how was I supposed to know you liked Huey Lewis? The whole time we were growing up, you only listened to music from the 60s and 70s, not the 80s. (Up until American Idol began.)