Sunday, May 31, 2009

H – Building Home One Letter at a Time

My new home is coming along fairly well.  Our back room is arranged, if not completely set up yet.  It’s going to serve as Mr. Trizzle’s office and my sewing room (and my dressing room as my closet is in there.)  My mommy’s comment to sharing an office and a sewing room was “well, good luck with that,” so we’ll see how it goes.  I can’t wait until I can use it for sewing.  I got some beautiful fabrics for the curtains in there and the curtains in the kitchen.

Our kitchen is also blue, but unlike the bathroom’s “water” theme, the kitchen is one shade of blue.  So far, with white accents.  The dishes are a pretty royal blue and the curtains are white with royal blue paisley.  (Shhhhh… don’t tell Munchkinhead, or she’ll never come visit!)  It was the least-girly blue print I could find.  I wanted just a nice blue and white stripe like this one retro dress I used to have, but the store didn’t have any. :(

The backroom only has one small-vampire window (and an entire outside wall with no windows on it!) so I’m doing the room in yellow to brighten it up a bit.  I found a great yellow and white check gingham that also happens to perfectly match Anne.  (Anne is a fabric bodied porcelain doll named after Anne of Avonlea and dressed in a beautiful dress and apron made by Mommy.)  I’m also planning to hang a mirror on the wall kitty-corner to the one window to take advantage of the bit of natural light we get back there.  Then I just have to find some way to cover the hideous sliding closet doors.

We have sliding doors all over this place, three closets and the shower.  I hate sliding doors.  I break them.  My parents can attest to that.  Of course, the best ever breaking-sliding doors event occurred in Alfred’s room when we tried locking Munchkinhead in the closet.  Munchkinhead pushed and fought, slamming her body into the door, throwing it off its tracks, her skinny little arm reaching out like the claws of the veloca raptors in Jurassic Park.  It was very scary.

I’ve also been working on some of the furniture for the rest of the place.  I glued three things that broke on the way here: one of the slats for the entertainment center shelves that my parents got when they were first married, the bottom of the sewing box that my uncle’s late friend gave me and the leg of a sitting room chair that belonged to my grandparents.  The shelf needs a bit of sanding to remove extra glue, but other than that, everything’s all good.

One of the nightstands is about half sanded.  I’m going to refinish the two of them so they match.  I’m guessing Daddy repainted this one previously because 1) the back of the nightstand says it’s blue and antique white and it was only antique white, 2) there’s some strange extra bevels and wavy parts that make it look like the thing’s been hand sanded before, and 3) I think I remember him repainting it in the backyard at the old house.  I may pause on the rest of the sanding for awhile because today I ordered a Dremel tool with my Westlaw Rewards points so that I can get into the little corners and around the bevels better.  I am very excited for my new mini-power tool to arrive!

Mr. Trizzle and I finally went grocery shopping tonight.  It’ll be nice not to have to eat out all the time now.  Plus, I’ll get to make his lunches in the morning. :)  That’s super fun!  But I won’t put cigars in them or anything like Grandpa used to do to Daddy’s lunches.


Wendy said...

"...we tried locking Munchkinhead in the closet"???? Excuse me, but you tried lokcing Munchkinhead in the closet, I was sitting on my bed doing homework.

jess said...

sounds like fun! :)

Jeannie said...

oh the stories they tell...glad to see you finally updated your blog - I was gettingbored with nothing entertaining to read ;) -glad to hear that you're getting the place decorated. Katrina has drapes on a tension rod hanging in fron of her sliding closet doors - you could try that.

goldenrail said...

Wendy - Maybe I meant the royal we. P.S. very impressed you know how to use italics on these comments.

Jess - come on now, you know it's always fun when there's a goldenrail family member around ;)

Mommy - I may try that, I'd thought about it, but it would need to be a veeeeery long tension rod. The closet's about the size of two of hers put together. (Hence being able to fit all my clothes and shoes in it.)

jess said...

you're right..... it IS always fun! :)

and that must be a ginormous closet for you to fit all your clothes and shoes! :)

goldenrail said...

It is ginormous! Maybe I'll take some pictures to post up here. ;)

MaryRuth said..., please! I also second your mom's comment on good luck with the sewing room/office combo. My mom's sewing room was the dining room...we seldom ever ate in there!
I took the sliders off my doors and got a track thingy at Ikea that uses fabric panels, so you can get just the right material you want. I hand-painted some canvas and hung those.

goldenrail said...

That sounds like a pretty neat idea, MR. I may need to go a little lower cost than that, using what I already have. The doors are made out of a strange material that seems like it might take a very strong thumbtack or will at least catch nylon very well. hmmmmm... maybe I can decorate them in ruined stockings ;)

munckinhead said...

i was going tot ell you what mutti already told you and that i have that blue and white striped retro dress.

goldenrail said...

Munchkinhead, I know you have the dress. Mommy took it in so it fits you better. It was one of my favs until I got too fat for it. (which was pretty much when we finished making it.)