Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adventures with Ivory and Munchkinhead: Polish Fest

Luckily, that one part of a weekend I was home in June was Polish Fest weekend.  I love me some ethnic lakefront festivals.

Munchkinhead and I both have ridiculously crazy schedules, but we decided we could spare a couple hours for Sunday’s Polish Fest, especially since tickets bought before noon were only $4 each.  We started the day with church and went from church down to the Festival grounds.

Polish Fest is one of the smaller festivals – well I guess they’re all small compared to SummerFest – but there’s still plenty to do.  We checked out the special exhibit on Polish citizens who hid Jews in their homes during the Nazi occupation.  There were lots of pictures and personal stories.  We saw the standard commemorative board display for Pope John Paul.  We looked at the Polish rabbits and chickens.  We browsed through shops – were Ivory got to have her little moment of I-don’t-think-their-trademark-attorneys-would-like that.

WP_20140615_002 But who knows, maybe those actually were licensed.  Anyway…

Munchkinhead and I also listened to plenty of polka at multiple performance stages and at the obligatory pierogies.

WP_20140615_003 It was a short adventure, but we had a lot of fun.  And went home with a jar of fried carrot.

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