Monday, July 7, 2014

It’s July 7th!

Happy 35th Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!

Every year, as 7/7 approaches, we get all excited about Mommy and Daddy’s anniversary.  They get so happy, it’s hard for that not to be contagious.  This year, their anniversary comes as reminder not just of the happiness of marriage, but of all the other stuff that comes with those vows.

Daddy had emergency eye surgery just a bit ago and while he’ll most likely be alright and be able to see again soon, it’s a long and difficult recovery period.  Munchkinhead and I have been helping out, but nothing is as important as Mommy and Daddy’s patience with each other right now.  Daddy’s frustrated by what he can’t do – which is pretty much everything except sit or lay down.  Mommy’s tired and worn out by what she has to do, both in picking up the extra parts of running the house – like cooking all the meals; that’s Daddy’s job – and in caring for Daddy and helping him with his eye drops and such.

It’s rough on everyone when a family member is ill or somewhat incapacitated, no matter how momentarily, but watching Mommy and Daddy together is like watching a hug from God. 

Mommy’s doing her best to make sure Daddy’s as comfortable as he can be, which isn’t very.  She helps him out whenever he asks – even when he asks for stuff he insists on doing himself when Munchkinhead or I offer.  She quickly gets a towel when he knocks over his water, again, because he can’t see it.  She carries his special chair and special table headrest to wherever he needs it.  And you can see Daddy appreciates it and really is trying to make the best of an unpleasant situation.  It’s sweet.

It may not be the anniversary of their dreams, but it’s one that truly exemplifies how much they love each other.  And it’s one they’re unlikely to forget anytime soon.  Happy crazy, curve ball anniversary Mommy and Daddy.

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