Friday, October 24, 2008

Change is in the Air, and on the Blog

Regular visitors to this pretty little playground may have noticed a few changes recently.  I would like to take a moment to highlight a few of these and then explain what prompted the changes.

What's in a Name

There are no more archives, no more labels, no more friends and such and no more followers.  (I don't associate with followers anyway.)  Everything has been renamed.  Why?  Because it's fun, and I'm not boring.  You can call me lots of things, but boring is definitely not one of them!  (Someone else has that job.)  Now all titles fit with the theme.  What theme?  The theme of the blog; the theme of my life: fun knickers and childhood toys.

Customer Service

There are now even more ways for you to make sure you don't miss any of the fun.   My sidebar offers three great options.  First, at the bottom of the sidebar, if you have a blogger blog or profile, you can sign up to be a Really Cool Person.  There's only one so far, but Jess is so super cool, that she's holding down the fort quite well.

Not cool enough for a blogger profile but still fairly tech savey?  You can Be One of My Playmates.  Sign up for RSS feeds of the Posts and Comments to have fun sent right to your reader of choice.

No blogger profile and not up on the whole reader thing?  No problem!  Mr. McFeely can help you out.  Just type your email address in the little box at Speedy Delivery and new posts will be speedily delivered to your inbox.  Readers who already receive posts by email may prefer to use this service instead as they will then have control instead of me,  mwahhhh haaa haaa.

The Impetus for Change

I am so cool, that one blog isn't enough to contain all my awesome-ness.  I'm just kidding.  But yes folks, for those of you who don't check out my profile for fun, I have another blog.  It's not just me though.  It's a joint effort with Mr. Trizzle.

Unlike this blog, which is a personal blog, and a very girly "this is my life, I'm so special" one at that, the other blog is a topical blog.  It is about intellectual property, IP for short, and is called Ip's What's Up.  Most of you, readers who are amused by bunny-written guest posts and five year-old perspectives of the world, will probably not care a smidgin about Ip, but you're welcome to check it out anyway.

In the month it's been in existence, we've already gotten over 200 visitors from at least 24 countries.  The readership stats on that blog are blowing this one out of the water!  Thanks in no small part to a British IP blog that gave us a shout out and a Congress-watching website with linkbacks.

It was in making adjustments to create a more reader-friendly atmosphere on Ip that I discovered the possibilities for personalizing the features and learned how to add external features (like Speedy Delivery).  So, being, as I said above, not boring, I had some fun playing with my little toy.  I hope you like the changes and continue enjoying your visits to Garter Skirts and Legos!


jess said...

i love it!

Mom-me said...

I saw the side bar titles changed yesterday - how cute. Didn't notice that the little indians were changed to army men until today - how appropriate ;). I did read your other blog, though - and some of the comments and links to other blogs from it. You are getting so computer savvy...;D

goldenrail said...

Mom-me, that's cuz I didn't change the indians/army men until today. I did it because I thought they were more appropriate ;)
Mr. Trizzle might disagree with you about my computer-savviness, but I'm trying.

Jess, thanks!

the boring one who is too busy for fun said...

Somehow I new that the "someone else" link was going to lead to me. Now if you will excuse me, I have homework to do, a thesis to write, and comps to study for (as well as finish laundry that I started on Monday and clean in general cause that hasn't been done in, I don't know how long).

goldenrail said...

I love you wendy :)

MaryRuth said...

I like the new changes--you're so professional! I feel so sexy and special to be in The Lingerie Drawer. =)

goldenrail said...

MR: Thank you :) And you should feel special, that list is for the blogs I enjoy the most!