Sunday, July 24, 2011

Say Cheese!

East Oakland, it’s got a bit of a reputation, and a well deserved one at that.  imageA few months ago, kids and their families staged a rally against prostitution, an attempt to battle the pimps who frequently solicit neighborhood middle school girls to join their business ventures.  The main drag was once called East 14th.  Until the Oakland City Council renamed it International Blvd in an attempt to hide its sordid past.

But hidden in this notorious series of neighborhoods is a special gem.  Right on International Blvd itself, there’s a little piece of Midwestern perfection.  A single item on the menu at a drive-thru.  Fried cheese curds!

It’s a combined KFC/A&W and it has cheese curds, made with Real Wisconsin Cheese.  You can not begin to imagine how excited I was when Mr. Trizzle and I discovered the A&W.  Just seeing the orange and brown sign gave me hope, hope for cheese.  And then, when we pulled into the drive through and there it was, pictured right on the menu under “Sides,”  a cute little box brimming over with golden cheese curds.  Mmmmmmmm.  A little taste of home, right here in the Yay.

showing off the A and W bag croppedenjoying my cheese curds cropped


Anonymous said...

good to see you blogging agai, I always enjoy reading them. :)

Anonymous said...

*again (my 'n' disappeared! :() and it won't let me login with my google account without creating a blogger account- and I dont' want to do that, so I'm annonymous - mom-me

goldenrail said...

That's weird. Didn't you used to be able to log in with your google account? Blogger's a google product and shouldn't use anything different than a regular google login.

Anonymous said...

yup - that's why I thought it was strange and that maybe I hit a key without meaning to - but it's done it twice now - so I will remain annonymous