Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alfred at Last!

The waiter came over to get our drink orders at this cozy restaurant in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona.  Munchkinhead ordered a pomegranate margarita and showed him her Wisconsin ID.  Alfred ordered a margarita and showed him her Iowa ID.  I kind of wanted to order something just to show my California ID, but the restaurant had milk.

Munchkinhead and I had met up with Alfred in the morning when she arrived in Flagstaff.  We were so happy to see her!  She had arrived much earlier than originally anticipated (she had spent the past few days driving down from Iowa), so that meant we had time for some fun before she had to meet with her new supervisors.

prairie girls in kitchen cropped First stop, the Prairie Museum.  It’s in an old indigent hospital and covers the history of Flagstaff.  We saw an old iron lung, lots of saddle stuff, and some other old stuff.  And we found the kid’s room.  Hee hee.  We built Lincoln Log structures, played school, dressed up like pioneer girls, served dinner and had a gun fight.


gun fight at the flagstaff museum After the Prairie Museum, we all headed to Alfred’s new home at the Museum of Northern Arizona.  While she met with her people and was shown around her new home, Munchkinhead and I explored the museum.  It’s a fairly small museum, most of the exhibits are about Indians, though there is some geology and dinosaur stuff.  Alfred is going to be helping the museum catalogue its new plant and bug finds.

wendy cutting cake cropped When we finished with the museum proper, Alfred showed us to her new home.  It used to be a chicken coop, but you can hardly tell. It’s a nice dorm-like room in a long building.  Her room is closest to the kitchen and bathroom buildings.   We helped her unload her car into her new room and then shared the cake we had brought for her to celebrate her new job and new home.

Then we set out for our next adventure of the day.  There’s a 10-mile gravel road in the area called Schultz Pass Road.  It goes between the San Francisco peaks.  We really wanted to go on this road, but alas, it was closed because it was still covered in snow.  So, we took a few pictures with some of the signs and decided to go see a National Monument north of town instead.

pretty feet cropped and shrunk

The drive to the monument was very beautiful, with lots of neat mountain scenery.  The monument was probably beautiful too, but we didn’t see it because we didn’t feel like paying for entry to the park.  We headed back down the long road linking the park to the highway.  Then, there it was, directly in front of us, the other end of Schultz Pass Road, and it was open!

cloud of dust shrunkWe spent the next hour or so exploring gravel roads, taking pictures with signs and kicking up a huge cloud of dust.  Despite the snow on the ground outside, it was too hot in the car to not have the windows down.  Consequently, dust filled the inside of the car, coating the insides of our mouths with the flavor of a  bowling alley.  The outside of the car, once white, became a chalky grey color.  It’ll need a good washing and vacuuming by the time we return to the Yay.

car turning in dust cropped

The remainder of the evening was spent helping Alfred settle in, grocery shopping, unpacking and dinner at that delicious restaurant mentioned above.  We bid Alfred an early goodnight at about 9 and headed back to our hotel to prepare for our sunrise departure and long one-day drive back to the Yay.


Jeannie said...
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Jeannie said...

Glad you had fun together. Maybe Munchkinhead can get a job at the Prairie Museum for the summer and stay with Alfred in her coop.

MaryRuth said...

Yay! I'm glad you are back to blogging! Looks like you are having some fun times too...that's good. I'm still being lazy about my of these days the spirit will move me (I hope).
Another thing I wanted to let you know about is that NECCO has officially decided to discontinue making Candy Raisins. Grrrr. You can go to and they have a link to a place you can email the company.
Take care!

goldenrail said...

MR, you're back! Hi :)
Boo on the candy raisins. I wonder if I can place a very, very large bulk order before they're completely done.

Anonymous said...

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