Friday, March 27, 2009

Regions Bank has Just Lost a Customer

I went to the bank today to deposit some money.  The bank wouldn't let me.  Well, wouldn't let me without a fee.  Regions wanted to charge me $5 to deposit MY money in MY savings account! This makes absolutely no sense.  It's the bank's job to deposit my money in my accounts.

When I was a little girl, I would go to the bank with my grandpa and stand on my tip toes to peer over the big, tall counter.  The teller would lean over to say hello and hand me a Dum Dum sucker.  If I was lucky, it'd be ? flavor; my favorite.  The room was gigantic, and the fancy woodwork and velvet ropes made me feel like royalty.  Against the back wall was a long row of gadgets on display - blenders, mixers, ice cream scoops - gifts from the bank to its customers for different accounts and stuff.

Now I go into the bank and wait on a cold tile floor wound around airport security line-like belts and wait to approach the bullet proof glass covered counter.  I slide my little slip under the counter.  The teller demands an id and that I remove my (prescription) sunglasses and types away at their computer.

Daddy used to have this jar of pennies on top of his dresser.  When it would get fall he'd take the jar (and me) to the bank to deposit his pennies.  The teller would pour the pennies into a big machine that would jumble them all together and tell the teller how much money Daddy was depositing.  Saving spare change like that is a great way to save money.  (Especially when not having change in your purse prevents you from using the vending machine.)

Every week, or when my purse gets to heavy, I empty out the change, setting the quarters aside for laundry and putting the pennies, nickels and dimes in my piggy bank.  My 'piggy' bank is actually a wooden truck.  My grandpa made it for me.  It's green and says US Mail, and the wheels really work!  Today, I went to my little green truck bank and discovered it was full, so I headed to the bank.  The worthless, scummy bank.  $5 to deposit my bank of change that probably only adds up to about $5!

So - I am now looking for a new bank.  One that actually acts like a bank.  In the meantime, Mommy, are you guys driving down in May?  Can you take my piggy bank to deposit in my Marine Savings account?


Jeannie said...

I checked 'up front' just to make sure that we don't charge. No charge - I can bring your truck home in May and deposit it to your savings here. :)

goldenrail said...

Yay! Thank you Mommy. Maybe I'll just switch everything to Marine and make it my main bank. I can link it to ING so I still have world-wide access to my accounts even if Marine is local. Any specials on Personal or Business Checking?

Anonymous said...

What fee did they name?
Was it for using a teller instead of a machine?
Did they not want to fill out the deposit slip for you?

goldenrail said...

The fee was $5 (see post above.) It was because they wouldn't count the change in the branch (it's not a little branch). They wanted to bag the money and ship it downtown to be counted - $5 per bag. I'm assuming my change would have fit in one bag. If the bags were small, it could have cost $10 or $15.

Jeannie said...

I'll have to check on specials - see wht the fee schedule is, etc. I get my personal checking free as an employee - only get charged for checks for the money market and if we write more than 3 checks on that....(thanks dad)

MaryRuth said...

I think it is pretty common for banks to charge for this service...if they will do it at all. Glad to see Marine Bank does it free. I used to go to the grocery store and do mine--they have a change counting kiosk, but it charges 8 cents on the dollar. Now I go to my credit union where there is a free self-serve coin counter in the lobby.
I know what you mean about a change jar being a good way to save $$.

dtrizzle said...

Why did I just spend an hour of my life helping her set up her Regions Bank account with when Goldenrail supposedly moved on six weeks ago.

goldenrail said...

@dtrizzle - because switching banks takes time. They haven't gotten anymore of my money. Ask Mommy, she just carried home a very heavy truck full of change to deposit in my other bank account for no charge!