Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy

They say it’s your birthday.  (*air jamming*)  Well happy birthday to ya. (more *air jamming*).

That’s right folks, celebrating another 32nd birthday, please welcome to the stage, Mommy!


animals mommy as bush baby

She’s a little startled to be welcomed back since she hasn’t had a birthday wish on here since her 50th birthday.

I’m sure all my readers have pretty nice mommies.  Some may even have great mommies.  But nobody’s, nobody’s mommy’s as awesome as mine.  (Well, except Alfred’s and Munchkinhead’s.)

She’s kinda like that combination hookah-and coffee pot from the beginning of Aladdin; also makes julienned fries, will not break, will not… She sews, she floats, plays Wii guitar and Farmville.  Will not yell, will not…

mommy and katrina on couchYou know, she has something else in common with Aladdin, too.  They both have a monkey.

But seriously folks, Mom_me is fabulous.  She taught me how to sew and how to be nice and how to vacuum and how to make red velvet cake.  She gave me her good-taste-in-shoes gene, maybe to make up for also giving me her ugly-toe gene.  And she taught me how to be there for those around me, for my friends and my family, even from far, far away. 

She answers the phone in the middle of the day when I call just to mommy as computer piratesay “hi, I’m walking.”  Schultz-Beins-278She plays silly games with my sisters and me, going through long lists of people who weren’t in Wham! or donning bejeweled eye patches.  She sings along with us, whether it’s squealing the last “feed your hea-ead” of the family theme song or putting a hat on your head and spinning it around, that’s what I said.  And she takes good care of her grandchildren.  (Photo of Mommy holding her grandchildren used with permission courtesy of Jill Brown Photography:

Aurelia and Mommy at Mel's wedding 2009She takes me all sorts of great places, like church and Jo-Ann Fabrics, and shoe shopping.  Plus, Mommy’s my standard date for all my friends’ weddings.  This works out perfectly since they all adore her, too.  The photographers usually ask if we’re sisters.  Since we’re now perpetually 4 years apart in age, I guess that’s acceptable.

And like a good mommy, she’s always there.


WisconsinAurelia and mommy killing cats Thanksgiving 2010


Tennesseeme and mommy


Californialots o blue Thanksgiving 2009


even Africa

3 generations on safari



Anonymous said...

aww - you make me cry. ;)(mom-me)

goldenrail said...

Cry? You're supposed to be making one of the classic half-angry half-highly-amused faces that makes me laugh really really hard, because of the pictures I chose. :)

Anonymous said...

well - I guess since I let them be taken, I can't get too upset about you using them. :P