Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Arrrr-dorable Dress

Sometimes you’re walking through the store and you see this fabric and you just have to make something out of it.  That’s what happened when I passed this adorable blue, pirate fabric.  “Oh my goodness! I have to make something for Munchkinhead out of that!”  So I picked up the fabric and then started pouring through the pattern books.  It’s a little backwards than the way we were taught growing up, but it worked.

Munchkinhead looks great in natural-waist dresses.  I found an adorable pattern, with a rouched accent waist, knee-length skirt and thick-strapped, sleeveless top.  For the accent fabric on the waist, I used scraps from Mr. Trizzle’s Barristers’ Ball suit.  It matched the pirates’ pirate hats and boots nicely.

It turned out super cute!

Katrina in pirate dress 2.1 The white lettering on the dress says “Aye Aye Cap’n.”


McCalls M5876Pattern: McCall’s M5876

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Jeannie said...

And it fits her really nicely, too. :)