Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Fun with Munchkinhead

I forgot to mention some of the exciting things Munchkinhead and I did this past weekend.  Maybe I forgot because they were both near the beginning of the visit.  Maybe it's just cuz I'm old.

Friday and Saturday was Rites of Spring at Vanderbilt.  T.I. was the big headliner.  (One of his last shows before he goes to jail.)  I didn't get tickets because Munchkinhead claims she doesn't like T.I. (put it on the radio and watch how quickly she starts singing along.), and I have seen him live before and didn't think he put on a very good show.  So, instead of going to the concert, we walked up to the beautiful Vandy campus and toured around it with T.I. as our live background music.  It was a beautiful night, and a nice walk.  Munchkinhead spent most of the time on the phone with Boots-With-Spurs guy.  (He's got those funny cut jeans, boots with the spurs; the cowboy was moving his herd; they all got through, next thing you knew, the cows went moo moo moo moo moo.)

Saturday evening, after all our shopping, we went out for a classic Nashville treat: dinner at Swett's.  The restaurant's really really old.  It was founded in 1954!  (Hee hee, just kidding Mommy.)  It is a staple of the city and an important part of the area's history.  The food is also delicious.  (Only the greens and beans are cooked with pork, so I can eat plenty of other veggies.)  It's down-home Southern cooking, meat and three, set-up cafeteria style.  I like picking up the tray and going down the line; it reminds me of going to Ponderosa with my family when I was little.  I finished the last of the leftover cornbread today.

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