Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Munchkinhead Go Bye-Bye :(

My little sister, Munchkinhead, came to visit me this weekend.  Yes, it's the middle of my finals, but I don't care.  I value time with my family above everything else, even exam prep time.  (I took one exam Monday morning while she was sleeping and think it went fine.)

We had a fabulous weekend!  She came in Friday night and we headed up to school for what was left of Blackacre (flight delayed).  She got to meet a few of my friends and luckily for us, the food that was left was all the yummy, expensive cheeses.  After the Blackacre, we did a bit of grocery shopping (I was out of milk!) and headed home for a nice evening in.  We watched what very well may be my new favorite movie, Lost in Austen.  If you haven't seen it, do!  Then you'll understand why Munchkinhead and I like to say things like "one peacock is probably sufficient."  (Mommy, don't watch it yet!  Watch it with me!)  Later in the weekend we also watched the real Pride and Prejudice.  (Do not ask which version!  There is only one real one!)

Saturday, the weather was gorgeous.  It was the only nice day, and our busiest day.  We started the morning by dropping some stuff off at a donation center in East Nashville.  (Shhh... don't tell my mommy my little sister came to visit and one of the first places I took her was the ghetto.)

We spent most of the morning enjoying the Parthenon and its surrounding park.  It was also good exercise as we walked there and wandered around for awhile.

DSCI0937 katrina at large parthenon doors me on swing at park

In the afternoon, we headed out to the Adventure Science Center with Foo Foo.  I think I had the perfect person to go with; nobody else would have been that much fun there!  (Ok, maybe Alfred.)  I learned something important: I'm big.  Sometimes that makes things that used to be fun scary.  I tried crawling through this giant heart, but I barely fit and was afraid I'd get stuck!  (Here's an example of some of the places we crawled.)

Katrina on culy pole

We did manage to climb up through lots of little spaces though to get to the top of the Adventure Dome and Look out over the entire city.

Katrina at the top of the Dome

Foo Foo had fun playing with the different sound equipment.

Katrina and Foo Foo at the listening tubes Katrina and Foo Foo playing with the Sound Tubes

We also discovered that if Foo Foo stands on Munchkinhead's head, they're almost as tall as me in my shoes.

me katrina and foo foo

After Adventure Center - we went shopping.  The trouble with having Munchkinhead around is that she makes me spend more money than normal because shopping with her is just so much fun!  We bought dresses at the South American import store down the street (more walking), then headed out to use one of my gift cards at DSW.  I had the hardest time finding shoes I liked!  The store was so uppity!  I did finally find a nice pair of brown dress shoes.  Can't believe I now own some BCBG.  We headed to Target but didn't find anything of interest there.  Finally, we went to Ross and were both delighted with the cutest dresses!

The rest of the weekend, Munchkinhead helped me pack because it was icky outside.  We did go out to Cafe Coco for dinner.  And we went bowling!  11 games on Sunday night, 5 more on Monday.  We had so much fun!  Munchkinhead beat me twice.  I started bowling with my left hand, too and now have 2 sore arms instead of one.  (And a sore back, and sore legs, and sore anything that can be sore.)

Katrina won me bowling cropped DSCI1000 I won

And on the last night, after bowling, we played Candy Land with Foo Foo, Daddy Bunny, April and Whiskey.  April and Foo Foo each won one game.  The pictures are on Munchkinhead's camera.  :(

Today, I had to take her back to the airport.  :(  She has more school now.  But we had fun, and she made it back safely.  I can't wait to see her again in July.  And then Alfred will be there, too!  What fun we shall have!!!


Jeannie said...

aww - you wore matching clothes - did you do that on purpose? (Of course, you did!) - Sounds like you two had a very good time.

goldenrail said...

Of course we did. We also matched on Sunday when we wore our Nigerian print jumper dresses to church :)