Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance

Tomorrow's graduation.   I don't really care.  I'm happy my mommy and daddy came down to Nashville.  I'm glad Mr. Trizzle is here.  It'll be nice to see my aunt and uncle tomorrow.  But, the whole graduation thing, not that in to it.

This isn't what I've been working for during the past three years.  What I've been working for is a career I love, that magical dream job that is one of the most important things in my life because I love it.  Trying not to trip as I walk across a stage in a row of other matching, soggy, people has nothing to do with that.  My classes, my papers, my semester in Nigeria, my upcoming work, those have everything to do with it.

Tomorrow, my crabby vampire will rise super-early, about 5:30 Central Time, which is 3:30 am for me since I run on Pacific Time, and get ready.  First, I'll either walk in the rain or spend twenty minutes looking for parking and then walk in the rain.  Our whole class will don their caps and gowns for a class picture and then spend a bunch of time waiting around, avoiding the big school ceremony.  At some point, we'll dodge rain drops to go sit in chairs with our names on them.  Afterwards, I'll try to find my daddy, Mr. Trizzle and my aunt and uncle.  We'll argue about where to go to lunch because my aunt only eats "healthy" and I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist in the South.

Meanwhile, Mommy and Alfred will be having fun at Wendy's graduation in Boulder. ....maybe.

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Jeannie said...

Well, it's not raining, but it is a little chilly today in Boulder. Undergrads not very 'pomp and circumstantial' - but nive anyway. Yesterday's hooding was much nicer - smaller and more personal. See you tomorrow.